Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Bachelorette Pad



Before I got married, I lived in a cute little house.   It started out being not such a cute little house but after more elbow grease and trips to the hardware store than I like to remember it was quite a nice place to call home.  We’ve rented it out until just recently, and the search is on for new tenants.  Know anyone looking to live in Phoenix???



A great little patio for a Sunday brunch!



I took this picture when I had the house on the market and had de-personalized it a bit.  My wing chairs had just been recovered in a golden linen, and you can see the carpet tile area rug.

We ripped up the awful carpet that had been throughout the house when I moved in and found the concrete floors in a very good condition.  The concrete in older homes in Phoenix is naturally this cinnamon color that comes from the mixing of clay with the concrete.  These floors are always cool to the touch and so low maintenance!   The larger base and the crown molding make it a little more “dressy industrial".



Walls once separated each room, but now the house is bright, airy and open.



One of my favorite design elements for a Kitchen is open shelves.  I adored having these- not only did they look so interesting and cottage-y, but they were so convenient!  I kept all the things I used frequently right there in wicker baskets and glass canisters.



I set up the Kitchen with more of a “Butler’s Pantry” where the refrigerator, pantry cabinet, and stacked washer & dryer were kept in the hallway to the right of the picture above.  It opened up the Kitchen so much and definitely adds to the vintage feel of the house.  There's a powder room off of the Butlers Pantry and the covered patio through the French door.



This is the "Family Room” or what you see through the breakfast bar opening.  Though I never lit a fire here in toasty Arizona, I put the fireplace to much use displaying candles! 



The Powder Room is painted in thick stripes of the same color with a different sheen.  It’s very subtle and makes this little space special.  I was overjoyed when I found the porcelain handle faucet at a salvage shop, and then saw the same model at Home Depot a few days later!  Ce la vie!



The three bedrooms and the office are all carpeted in this same wool “sisal” rug.  This has the look of something more unique and textural like a sisal but is soft to the touch.  The rug dealer whom I purchased this through always compares a wool carpet to a fine wool suit.

I tend to always see a space as I envision it to be once it’s done…. before this room was painted or the moldings had been installed in I said to my then-fiancé, “Doesn’t it remind you of a hotel suite?”  From his look of utter confusion, I don’t think he was thinking of the same caliber of hotel that I was envisioning at the time!



The bathroom has a little glamour and a little modernity with its glass vessel sink and the venetian-style mirror. 

I’m off to another showing with a potential tenant, and hopefully this process will conclude quickly so I can spend less time on Craigslist and more time on my favorite blogs!


Renae said...

You did a really nice job with your "pad." I love those concrete floors, I would like to have that one day in my home...scored, they look just like tile.
Good luck on finding new tenants!

vicki archer said...

Your home is gorgeous - good luck I am sure it will be snapped up, xv.

Stacey said...

*I* want to live there - Bill can come too!! Can you move it to Dallas?!?

Courtney said...

I don't know what the "befores" were like, but the "afters" are charming! I love that you had open-shelving in your kitchen too! I so love the look (constantly filing images away,) but I always wonder if I'd love it as much in my real life... I'm not sure mine would stay so tidy.

Anyways! Your remodel looks wonderful, and I can't imagine it will sit without tenants for long! In fact, I hope it's already been leased by now.

www.designfabulous.com said...

I love the wall shelf as a side table by the bed. Really great modern and clean!

TitansFan said...

Well that is one immaculate home! I really like the back patio too. Looks quite inviting for late morning brunch. I have this Vessel Sink and I don't think I could let it go to a new tenant. I would probably uninstall it and get the old one I saved in the garage.

Anonymous said...

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