Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Flowers Thanks to my Flower Lovin Mama


Exactly three weeks ago, this little guy arrived in our lives…

copy- DSCN2792 

My mother was visiting during his arrival and besides doing everything under the sun for me, she also went to work on floral arrangements around the house!  Please visit anytime Mom :)



I was given a gorgeous Asian motif porcelain bowl by a client, and it soon overflowed with with Pottery Barn’s very real looking faux roses. 



Behind the roses sits my other new acquisition- an antique French wine bottle rack that I’ve been lusting after ever since I saw them decorated as Christmas Trees last winter.  This one is thanks to my sweet husband who gave it to me for having our little guy… not your typical baby gift but perfect for a design loving mama like me.



Some cheerful Gerber daisies brighten the living room.



My mom relocated my moss filled vases from an obscure location in the house and matched them with a mossy orchid my sisters sent to me.


My photography skills (or lack of) are doing this arrangement no favors!  She surprised me with a beautiful worn Asian style wood planter filled with gorgeous white orchids (my fave!)  as a Mother’s Day present.  I’m in floral heaven!

(and once these are no longer blooming, I might replace them with some of these )



And of course, she didn’t leave the outdoors untouched!  My pots now look much prettier filled with purple pincushions and bright green ferns! 


And the lantern that she brought home from Pottery Barn with the faux roses looks fab too!

So in addition to loads of baby gear, diapers, and a sweet little baby boy my house is overflowing with flowers!  I’m missing my flower lovin mama but I love seeing her arrangements every day!

Have a happy weekend!

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