Thursday, March 26, 2009

Not your typical wine rack


 Cottage Living June 2007- Michael Lee0002

Upon first glance of the Kitchen above, I was smitten with the graphic quality of the wine rack.   Very surprisingly, I learned it was made of terra cotta “pipes”…  who would have guessed!  For something that's been around for centuries, it sure looks stylish and modern  in this application.  These ones have been painted white and stacked on top of each other… a perfect accent in this  clean lined kitchen.


cdt octagon home wine display 

I was reminded of this very cool idea when I saw this Dining Room on Cote de Texas.   Here the house is more traditionally European and so is the installation of the pipes.  They’re built into the plaster wall and the rim of pink terra cotta peaking out brings a lot of natural earthy charm to the look.


PHG terra cotta wine rack

Here’s a close up of a similar application where the pipes are buried into the wall.  Notice how this installation and the one on Cote de Texas dress it up with a decorative frame of another material. 

The look can go from Mod to Mediterranean very easily.  I know which of these looks is my favorite… what is yours???

{Photos via Cottage Living, Cote de Texas, and Phoenix Home and Garden}


Hudson Goods said...

I think the natural, vintage bricks in the second picture really make it and the room. nice!

Renae said...

Martha...thanks for visitng me today! I do love that in the wall wine display....I would imagine it would have to be temperature sensitive?

How are things in Phoenix?

Stacey said...

Those are so cool! I like the kitchen AND dining room versions. When Bill and I find a house (eventually), you're TOTALLY in charge of decorating it :-)

Barb said...

Hi Alice,

I see a project in my hubby's future!
Love the Med one. Very cool.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Anonymous said...


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