Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Flowers

endless inspiration gerber daisies

Love the mirror, love the demi-john turned lamp, love the flowers, love the weekend!

{Photo via Endless Inspiration}

Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Flowers

About this time of year when I was a teenager, my family would go to Cape Cod with some of my parents best friends.  We’d enjoy long days at the beach, read lots of books, and oogle at the beautiful hydrangeas that are everywhere. We’d also debate whether it’s pronounced “Hydr-ann-gea” or “Hy-drain-gea” (according to a certain Bostonian as well as the Minnesota hy-drain-gea authority)… But to-may-to to-mah-to, hydr-ann-gea, hy-drain-gea nobody could debate that they weren’t gloriously beautiful!  And for one week the only family bickering would be about which color is the prettiest.  I think you can guess which side I took…

domino blue hydrangea


  veranda cover with stiped chair


 cdt blue hydrangea 



 shannon fricke Blue Flowers


 simply seleta blue and white tablescape


    fifi flowers blue and white tablescape via ballard deisgns

flickr hokiechick01 hydrangea




{Photos via Domino, Veranda, Cote de Texas, Martha Stewart, Shannon Fricke, Simply Seleta, Fifi Flowers, Flickr}

Monday, August 3, 2009

Summer Color Palette Chez Moi

The ocean, blueberry pie and massive clusters of hydrangeas can only mean one thing… SUMMER!

While retail is already pushing back to school, I’m still enjoying my summer color palette.  I love to accessorize with all shades from turquoise to navy… It soothes and calms a space, and even makes it feel cooler and breezier.  And with pops of pink, it becomes so young and happy.


shannon fricke Blue Flowers

The only rival to the pink peony is the blue hydrangea. If you want to be surrounded, and I do mean surrounded by them, pack your bag and head to Cape Cod right now!


  decorology pink and blue beach pillows

Pillows for a lovely summer nap.


 shannon fricke carolina hererra jr living room

I love the unexpected turquoise blue lantern in Carolina Herrera Jr’s apartment.  She uses lots of girly pink and the blue adds some edge.


 room service blog blue floral chair

Flowers, slipcovers, bright pool blue… can’t you imagine plopping down to finish your beach read here?


 house beautifl etched venetian mirror and blue commode

My Last Minute Standby: Flowers are the easiest and quickest way to transform a space!   While a white orchid brings an air of elegance, this fuchsia pink one really livens this hallway.


 shannon fricke berries

And for those O.C.D. moments when you want to match your dessert to your decor, berries are the answer.  KIDDING.   Well, I’m kidding about the matching, but not about eating delicious berries all summer long!


 simply natural blue and white

The stylish orchid strikes again!  Love the blue carafe too.


I try to find easy ways to bring these colors in…

Throw Pillows Covers that can be changed easily the moment Autumn arrives

Similarly, add a table runner in these colors from a strip of fabric (I used my grain sack  that has a bold blue stripe)

Clippings of pink flowers scattered about… and it doesn’t have to be a fancy or fine flower.  I’ll use bougainvillea, lantana, oleander and anything else that is blooming in my yard!

Changing the photographs in my frames on the wall to pull out these colors further.

Pink candles (Yes, colored candles! Not only did I purchase them, I actually displayed them… but only for the summer… back to white soon!)

Adding colored crystals to my chandelier (didn’t get to this in ‘09, but it’s on the list for ‘10!)

1st Dibs Fernworks Antiques Italian 30s blue beaded chandedlier


What colors speak Summer to you?  How do you incorporate them into your interiors? Do share!


{Photos via 1.  3. & 6. Shannon Fricke, 2. Decorology, 4. Room Service, 5. House Beautiful, 7. Simply Natural}

Saturday, August 1, 2009

To the Market

Earlier this summer we took a jaunt north to Seattle to visit my husbands family.  Though a short trip, it was filled with sunny days, fun family activities and PLENTY of eye-candy obsessing..

We went to the local farmers market, otherwise known as peony heaven.






My views were saturated with blossoms.






Couldn’t help lurking by the produce stands either…








Wouldn’t you just love to visit a local market like this every day…  being in the midst of the hustle and bustle is just as exciting as how fresh and delicious everything is. 

Happy weekend!

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