Saturday, August 7, 2010


Richard Misrach - On the Beach cover

Perfect for this time of year, I recently came across the book On the Beach.  It is an amazing collection of photographs by Richard Misrach. 

Richard Misrach- On the Beach series Untitled #80-2004 chromogenic print via Fraenkel Gallery

While at first glance I was immediately enthralled by the beauty of each image, of the crystal clear water, and of the tranquility of each picture, his intent with this collection was not quite so superficial.    The events of 9/11 moved him to explore the vulnerability of people, juxtaposed here with a vast open ocean.   Feelings of solitude accompany the visual beauty of each of these.

Richard Misrach - on the beach

After reading this interview with the artist, I was so intrigued that each of these very different photographs was taken from the exact same spot on his balcony in Hawaii.

       Richard Misrach- On the Beach series

Despite his purpose in suggesting fragility, it would be divine to be one of these ladies floating your afternoon away. Cute hat by the way (clearly I’m not a serious art critic with that comment!).

I adore the color of water.


The colors and the textures of the sand are so eye catching.

Richard Misrach- Untitled 1132-04 2002 chromogenic print

Makes me think of Slim Aarons. 

Richard Misrach on allery wall

Most of these works are very large- about 6’ x 10’.  Makes a beautiful image even more spectacular.  I love how simple and pristine these are and wish I could find an image of one of these in an interior setting (other than a gallery).  

For those of you who love photography, this book is a stunner.  At  16” x 20” it’s much larger than your typical art/coffee table book.  The large size makes it all the more enticing and lets you see the detail of each work so well.   If you can’t make it to the beach this summer, this book is surely a visual vacation.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

NOLA Fabulousness: A Walk through the Garden District

The only downside to living in a neighborhood as beautiful as this one would be to see a wacko like me zooming my camera in on your house…but creepiness aside, it’s flattering, no?


Give me a house with full length shutters and I’m a happy girl!



Can’t see the actual house but the lush greenery and pretty lantern sure are pretty!



Now that’ s Front Porch.



A romantic sidewalk that gives you just a peak of an iconic and somewhat mysterious New Orleans cemetery.



Love the mossy brick steps…


Pretty in pink



In a class of it’s own… I picture whoever lives here always to wear perfectly pressed linen clothing and drink mint juleps out of monogrammed sterling mint julep cups!



Gorgeous hanging baskets.  The house isn’t too bad either!



Shotgun love.  As in the house.



Old trees and a classic beauty….



Charming white on white…



One of my favorite color schemes of a NOLA house: off white with taupe shutters.



Fabulous striped shades and a petite but perfectly landscaped courtyard.



White on white with some color pops seen through the windows.



Lanterns are everywhere. 



Another house where small doesn’t restrict elegance! 



Another row of shotgun cuties



The array of architecture is truly amazing…



Just the array of shutter styles and colors is amazing too!



Normally it’s frustrating to not see past the front gates when trying to house stalk, but these walls are pretty enough to satisfy my prying eyes!



See, show us a pretty gate and we don’t need to see your pretty house (though I still want to see it)!

Hope you enjoyed the walking tour! 

For next time I must allow more time, and perhaps a better zoom!!!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Greenhouse inspired Kitchens


Light, bright, airy, and FRESH…

  McAlpine Booth Ferrier Baltimore kitchen

The white fabric shade is so innovative!  It diffuses the light in this kitchen so beautifully and adds such textural interest.

McAlpine Booth Ferrier Baltimore kitchen 2  

Love the open shelves and crisp finishes.

mcalpine trading spaces kitchen

Another bright ceiling, an abundance of natural materials and plants, and more open shelves.  It’s the perfect industrial meets residential mix!

Both of these kitchens are by the very talented Bobby McAlpine and Greg Tankersley.

Bobby’s new book The Home Within Us is on my wishlist and he’ll be interviewing with the ladies of The Skirted Roundtable this week--- definitely will be tuning in to hear it!!!

{Photos via McAlpine Tankersley}

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