Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Flowers

outdoor-dining-table-l via a lifes design

Inside our out, orchids always look absolutely beautiful!

{Photos via A Life’s Design}

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Virtual House tour: Austin, Texas


We’re taking a little trip to Austin next month and if I’m going to know what neighborhoods are the best to ooh and ahh through I had to check out the local real estate listings.  Since this is just for fun, there’s no budget. I repeat, fun!

3939 Balcones Austin- facade

This house is very Santa Barbara meets Bobby McAlpine.  See the listing here.

3939 Balcones Austin- foyer

Hip and traditional.  Love the contrast between the white walls and the dark floor and accessories.

 3939 Balcones Austin- living room 2

The Living Room is impressive, yet so inviting.

 3939 Balcones Austin- living room

The more I look at this house, the more I recognize it from someplace… anyone else having the same déjà vu?

3939 Balcones Austin- dining room

The Dining Room is cozy and simple with beautiful views.

 3939 Balcones Austin- study

This picture is where I really am having déjà vu.  I remember reading about how of course this study has a plethora of deer heads because it’s in Texas… Anyway, a handsome study it is (even with the heads).

3939 Balcones Austin- study 2

Another view of the study showing it’s supersized window.

3939 Balcones Austin- master bedroom

If Diane Keaton’s character Erica from Something’s Gotta Give were to have a Texan bedroom, this might be it!

3939 Balcones Austin- backyard

A view of the back of the house and pool at dusk.

3939 Balcones Austin- pool


.The next house is very quaint and unpretentious. See the listing here.2111 Hartford Road Austin- facade

2111 Hartford Road Austin- entry

2111 Hartford Road Austin- living room

Trendy accents make this house pop.

2111 Hartford Road Austin- kitchen

I love the grey kitchen with the colorful artwork and rug.


2111 Hartford Road Austin- master bedroom

Hate the mirrored wall, love the blue velvet on the bench.  Really, who mirrors a full wall anymore?!? 


2111 Hartford Road Austin- master bathroom

This bathroom totally makes up for the mirrored wall.  Love the built ins with glass doors and the sconces.  I would have brought the built-ins to the ceiling level, but that’s just me being picky.


2111 Hartford Road Austin- guest bathroom

Another great bathroom. The built ins, pedestal sinks and and pink wall are totally unexpected from a normal bathroom.  Interesting detail  how the ceiling is arched over the sink area.


2111 Hartford Road Austin- study

Cozy workspace in a trendy dark greige color.


2111 Hartford Road Austin- outdoor kitchen

The light limestone and gravel ground in the courtyard cover are a very pretty backdrop to the landscaping.

2111 Hartford Road Austin- courtyard 2

2111 Hartford Road Austin- courtyard 

Pretty and natural landscaping approach.

2111 Hartford Road Austin- floor plan

This listing included the floorplan.  Love when you can see pictures and the layout.



2431Wooldridge Austin- facade 

Are we still in Austin?!?  Certainly not your everyday architecture, but this house is pretty darn interesting and unexpected.  You probably got that from this first picture! See the listing here.


2431Wooldridge Austin- living room

Dark woods and white plaster walls are definitely a popular look in central Texas, and they really do look fabulous!


2431Wooldridge Austin- living room 2

A close up of the fireplace.  It’s nice to see a cleaner plaster fireplace instead of the expected carved limestone.


2431Wooldridge Austin- dining room

The Dining Room shows signs of eclecticness in it’s furnishings and Venetian chandelier.


2431Wooldridge Austin- kitchen 1 

This kitchen floor totally caught me off guard!  The cork floor in istelf is out of the ordinary, but this bold graphic pattern it absolutely a shocker!  Again, maybe not my first choice, but on the plus side I’m sure it’s very comfortable to stand on when cooking.


2431Wooldridge Austin- kitchen 2

Close up of the hood.


2431Wooldridge Austin- breakfast room

The breakfast room definitely has the vintage vibe going on with it’s retro chairs and light fixture.


2431Wooldridge Austin- library 

If this were my library, I’d never leave!  Between the fabulously tall shelves stocked with books and the beautiful wall color, I’d be in here all the time!  I think this must be in the turret.


2431Wooldridge Austin- bonus room

In contrast to the dark library, the bonus room is light, bright and airy.


  2431Wooldridge Austin- bedroom 

You know you’re in Austin when there are guitars in the bedroom.  Another furniture piece in watery blue velvet… it’s really pretty isn’t it! 


2431Wooldridge Austin- bedroom 2

Another bedroom with a funky flokati rug and green velvet chairs. 


2431Wooldridge Austin- pool

The pool feels like its in the treetops…. enveloped by greenery!



The last home to catch my eye was this one.  A little modern.  A little artsy.  See the listing here.

 11211Pinehurst5 austin

So many things to love about this kitchen… framed artwork, open industrial shelving, a brassy and beuatufiul trombone (love musical instrument accessories theme we’re seeing here!, and the rustic pottery juxtaposed against crips contemporary finishes….

11211Pinehurst1 austin

The most intriguing part of this house is the backyard entertaining pavilion…. And as a sidenote, its definitely clear that mounted deer heads are not a novelty in this town!



What a cool place to hang out!  I love the branch-y chandelier and the crisp white upholstery.  Definitely outdoor chic!

If anyone has any suggestions for Austin, I’d love to hear about them! 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Flowers: My roses!

I have wanted to pull out the straggly weed-like lantana that ran the perimeter of our backyard since we moved into our house several years ago.  Everyone has the reaction of “Oh lantana, why do you hate it, I LOVE it!”  Our lantana was not pretty nor sweet- it was beastlike. It overtook everything and looked like a dead weed most of the time.  A few weekends ago we finally removed every last trace of the stuff, including it’s monstrous roots (this was very old lantana!).  In it’s place,  we planted the rose bushes I’d been envisioning for several years.  I am so happy to finally have my own cutting garden!


I planted a mixture of white, pink and mango-ish peach roses (Secret’s Out, Queen Elizabeth, Falling in Love and Valencia to be exact).   DSC_0277copy

We happened to have two loner rose bushes in our front yard, a bright pink and a mauvey purple (I think this is the Barbra Streisand rose) that had some blossoms too.  These colors aren’t my favorites but they smell divine.


Happy weekend!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suzanis on the bed


Now that spring has officially arrived it’s time for some freshening and color!  We’ve seen suzanis everywhere lately, but one place where I haven't tired of seeing them is on the bed.  It’s the perfect replacement for the heavy comforters of winter.

arch digest richard shapiro bedroom

Richard Shapiro’s bedroom featured in Architectural Digest.  The all white bed and contemporary lamps show how the suzani can be used in am masculine way.

michael smith bedroom

Michael S. Smith’s handsome take on the suzani bedcover.


kathryn ireland world of interiors bedroom with suzani

Kathryn M. Ireland’s design featured in World of Interiors shows the suzani in a softer, breezier setting. 


kathryn m ireland creating a home bed with suzani 

Another bedroom by Kathryn from her book Creating a Home, but this time the suzani is out in full force.  This is an antique from Uzbekistan that she made into a bed cover.  I love how much interest and color it brings to the room.


country living 2010 house bedroom with corals and blues

For the suzani shy, perhaps just a small dose of it in a pillow is enough.  This bed from Country Living uses a throw pillow from Wisteria.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garden Sheds

This weekend’s house keeping task is to clean out our shed.  It’s not something we’re looking forward to, but these pictures are inspiring me to transform it from a garage-overflow-space to something more useable, enjoyable, and dare I say, charming.


 BHGsghed5 via pure style home

Is that an adorable townhouse or a delightful shop? Oh no, it’s just the ol’ garden shed…. uh-huh…. garden shed of my dreams!



Charming and lush


christie brinkley hamptons shed via hooked on houses

Love the vines growing up onto the shed and the gravel pathway leading to it.




design ties blog landscaping uk

Another architectural masterpiece of a shed.


shed chic 2

Party shed.


design ties blog the grow spot shed

Love the idea of incorporating it into the landscape décor.


The next few pictures really stretch the word “shed”…

my ome ideas garden shed

Cuter than many homes!

shed chic

How adventurous to have your guest bedroom be in a shed, and be as chic as this!


ANNE_NOCHOLSON_keith_scott_morton country livng

Banish me to this shed now please!


thatched-roof-hut-3-big grasse france by dan heller

An old caravan turned shed is just too fun!


Now… check out this wonderful transformation by designer Michael Devine where he takes an ordinary (but a very cute ordinary) wood shed and transforms it into a gorgeous and sophisticated retreat…

michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 1michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 2



michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 3

After.  Really, are these the same spaces?!? The open shelving with beautiful accessories, the sophisticated wall to wall curtains, the lush plantings…. gorgeous!

michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 4

As if it couldn’t get any better than it already was, the floor is painting in this chic pattern, there's a daybed for mid-afternoon lounging , and a fanciful chandelier.  I’m inspired, no doubt about it!


lauren liess playshed

Designer Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home turned her Lowes shed into this adorable playhouse for her little boys.  Inspiration and elbow grease sure can create a magical place….


We may never turn our shed into a garden room like some of these gorgeous spaces, but we definitely can incorporate some of BHG’s practical (and cute) gardening ideas into it….

bhg potting bench

Potting bench where everything is clean, organized, and inviting!


bhg blackboard

bhg planting calendar

Seed calendar displayed on ribbons… those little packets can get lost so easily and this keeps them organized and in plain sight.


bhg basket of garden gear

Gardening-on-the-go basket. 

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