Saturday, May 30, 2009

Serious Saturday Sale!


This was a dangerous day.  Sage Antiques, one of my favorite vintage shops had a massive and fabulous sale where everything was 40-50% off.  I told you, it was dangerous!  During my first trip there (there were two) I snagged two rusty metal baskets and a grain sack with a bold blue stripe (I caved and picked up some pink candles yesterday and threw them in the photo!).  My friend found a beautiful candelabra for a serious song… I’ll have to photograph next time I’m over at the cute historic district home she and her husband are restoring.


Day goes on… Enter Husband who loves one of a kind pieces almost as much as 50% sales.  We head back for Sage Sale Round 2.    While our Kitchen remodel is a few years off, we checked “Island” off the list today with this old worktable, which we’ll keep in the Entry for the time being. 

DSCN0511 DSCN0512

Originally from a warehouse in Long Beach, Ca it’s got drill holes and patina galore all over it.   When my parents bought an old farm table for their Kitchen, my grandfather looked at them incredulously and said, “You PAID MONEY for this???”  I don’t know if he would take this table if you PAID HIM, and I’m laughing just imagining what he would say over it!


Lastly, we found these metal lockers that we’ll use as a tool cabinet in our garage.  The chic tool cabinet idea pleased the Designer and the price pleased the Husband.  After realizing it was less expensive than the ones he’s been eyeing at Home Depot it took me all of maybe oh, a millisecond, to tell him to buy it!  I can imagine so many more great uses for it too… books in a study, toiletries in a bathroom, even in a Kitchen as a pantry!  Can’t wait for Round 3, where we pick up the pieces (no not more shopping!).

Do you have any vintage finds you’ve repurposed for your home?  Do share!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday Flowers

Our dining table fills up pretty quickly- even before any guests arrive. After place mats and glasses our narrow table doesn't have much space left for a centerpiece. I love that this votive idea allows for candlelight and flowers and takes up just a few square inches!

Happy weekend!

{Photo via Martha Stewart}

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bring on the Color


Despite having just painted my own bedroom white (and preparing a post on more drool-worthy white bedrooms) I’m so drawn to color now that the weather is warmer and summer is around the corner.  These bright shades are just so exciting and fun for the season…

shannon fricke pink and red bathroom

What a flirty little sink this is!

delight by design melanie acevado pink hydrancgea

Flowers must be the number one way to bring color inside…definitely my accessory of choice for the summer!

indiahicks13 domino mag

India Hicks, the maven of summer style is using flowers in just that way here.  The colors, furnishings and fabrics work year-round and can look so different with a simple change of accessories and buds.

brabourne farm coloful table vignette

Nothing says summer like bold cabana stripes, seashells and wicker!

mrs blandings red white and blue imagesdelight by design yellow wall paper

Loving these huge floral paintings and wallpaper!

glimpses of style bathroom with green vanity  

Towels are another easy, fun and low cost way to spice things up a bit. 

 shannon fricke house with blue floors

I so envy those who have old wood floors, even if in need of re-finishing or a new coat of paint.  After watching HGTV you’d think everyone’s home had these gems hidden underneath grungy carpet! 

Even without a paintable floor (DEFINITELY no such luck over here!), a colorful area rug and slipcovers can do the trick just as well and can completely transform a space.

 decorology beach house bedroom   

Gone with the down comforter and extra blankets, in with the lightweight quilts and cotton sheets!  A colorful patchwork quilt may be as quintessential Summer as it gets. 

Hope you have a lovely night- I’m off to my white bedroom to dream about colorful bedding, towels, and accessories!

{Photos via 1. Sarah Kaye, 2. Shannon Fricke, 3. Melanie Acevado via Delight by Design, 4. Domino, 5. & 7. Brabourne Farm, 6.  Mrs. Blandings, 8. Glimpses of Style, 9. Martha Stewart, 10. Decorology}

Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday Flowers

I'm feeling the need for a little color today.

Maybe that's because I painted my bedroom last night and I can't beleive what I'm about to say, but I think it's TOO neutral. What, did those words really just come out of my mouth?!? Yikes, I cringe to think what others would think if that's what I'm saying! Searching for a new "new" color is on my list today.

Have a great one!

{Image via Sarah Kaye}

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Colorful Candles


Typically, I’m a plane Jane when it comes to candles… white, white and more white.   It’s just so elegant, and so easy.  And maybe so boring???  I’m thinking so, now that I’ve been noticing the interest these colored candles bring to their spaces…


   cdt suellen gregory orig sitting area cdt suellen gregory new white living room

I’m starting to think of candles like paint- an easy and inexpensive way to make a change.  The two rooms above are from the same house (see more here).  While the homeowner didn’t tire of her pink phase, it looks like her matching candelabras did… and don’t they look beautiful both ways!


brabourne farm  Blog_-_Appley_Hoare

I love a funky color mixed with a traditional holder.


Karl_Juengel_Photography_3 via brabourne farm

And besides being pretty for decoration, rumor has it they’re pretty useful too! For essentials like cake, and oh yeah, lighting too!


For more beautiful images and juicy debate on colored candles, don’t forget to visit Valorie's post here.

{Photos via 1. The White  Home by Caroline Clifton Mogg, 2. & 3.Cote de Texas, 4. & 5.Brabourne Farm}

Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Flowers

Wishing you much comfort this weekend, cottage or not!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


silver- converse       

Ever since Vicki mentioned metallic Converse, I’ve been seeing silver.

I usually consider it a color for wintertime, to match the ice and snow of the season.   It must be the 100+ degree weather that's kicked in recently that’s making silver so cool and refreshing and suddenly perfect for warm weather… 

These finds definitely say summer, don’t you think?

silver- jcrew capri sandal

Silver flips… this must be the easiest way to add some chic to ANY outfit!


silver- fools gold marc jacobs 

This isn’t really silver… the color is “Fools Gold.”   But it’s a beautiful shade and matches everything just the same… plus it’s large enough to fit a beach towel, a good book ,a massive bottle of water and sunscreen… all the summer essentials!


silver- vivre sterling silver eva flower cuff



silvelr- michael kors silver watch

Useful.  And pretty.

silver- casamidy lantern   

Lanterns are a definite necessity for dining al fresco!  Love how they get a modern makeover in shiny chrome.


silver- casamidy headboard 

Are words even necessary for this Mexican tooled tin headboard?  W.O.W.  Simple white sheets would look so amazing against this beauty.

silver- harmony and home drexel heritage furniture parisian tea cart

This Parisian Tea Cart side table gets an A+, year round.  Shelves, wheels, pretty silver finish… high achiever in form and function! 

silver- west elm metal hammered tray and medina stand  silver- morroccan ottoman from laviva-home website

Did somebody say Indian Summer?  I’m picturing both this eastern-inspired table and ottoman looking perfect on a patio with some mesquito netting and a cool breeze… 


silver- shells on silver stands  silver- wisteria ethiopian german silver coptic cross

Usually when I’m feeling the urge to indulge in a color or idea, I tend to do it on an “accessories size scale”…. it’s much easier to change out later without completely redoing a space or spending too much.


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA           silver- market impot el nido mirror

My interest in tooled metal has officially become an all out obsession.  They are truly works of art and epitomize “craftsmanship.”


silver- pb galvanized metal key cabinet

On a less glitzy scale, galvanized metal will always suggest a relaxed country lifestyle. 


silver- simply natural silver bucket organizer   

Organizing and accessorizing with one design detail.  Isn’t this desk organizer so cute and inspiring?


silver- flickr mayalu silver grass bucketssilver- flickr deja benir designs silver vase

Inexpensive and multi-functional, look at all these wonderful uses for silver buckets…


silver- pottery barn galvanized planter

Perhaps the best use of them is for your summertime barbeques and get-togethers with friends and family.  We’ve all got to stay hydrated and we might as well serve in style!

{Photos from 1. Amazon, 2. J. Crew , 3. Marc Jacobs, 4. Vivre, 5. Michael Kors, 6 & 7 Casamidy, 8 Harmony and Home, 9. West Elm, 10. Google Images, 11. Williams Sonoma, 12. Wisteria, 13 & 14. Market Import, 15 & 19. Pottery Barn, 16. Simply Natural, 17 & 18. Flickr}

Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday Flowers

house beautiful still live by victoria pearson 

Vintage bottles can be wonderful vases…  the small single serving Pellegrino bottles aren’t vintage, but they have this same beautiful green hue and look so pretty holding a few flower buds!

Have a great weekend!

{Photo from House Beautiful}

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Inspired Bathrooms


 bath inspire4  

When I see this bathroom I can almost feel a cool spring breeze.  I love how tranquil it is… the mirror casually resting against the wall, crisply painted boards, the freshness of flowers…

 house beautiful bathroom by victoria pearson 2  

In this bath one really can feel a spring breeze!  Fresh fluffy white towels in wicker baskets can make such an impact.  The dash of color brought in from the simple bud vase and single flower are so cheerful.

bgh mosaic tile bathroom with beadboard walls

Wouldn’t this bathroom be such a delightful place to start your morning?  More flowers and more towels are never a bad thing… and neither is a rubber ducky of course!

{Photos via 1. unknown, 2. House Beautiful, 3. Better Homes and Gardens}

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday Flowers

Can you believe it’s already May???

Don’t know about you, but this week has left me feeling like this…

It’s a clearly time for the weekend and for some Friday Flowers!

And maybe a caffeinated pick-me-up too!

Have a great weekend!

{Photos via Rodney Smith and Sarah Kaye}
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