Monday, May 23, 2011

Some beautiful Monday blues…

 azure blue via trouvais

 surroundings magazine cover via surroundings blog


Monet’s Water Lilies.


Benjamin_Dhong_ID1 via princess anne country blog

campo23_12g Sylvia Melián interiors via inspring interiors blog

monet blue water lilies

More Water Lilies by Monet.  Can’t get enough of these!

pottery barn blue wall

brabourne farm blue bed with gilded accents

frankenthaler- cameo- 1980

Helen Frankenthaler.


blue painting via heidi clare via style at home

cdt white bedding canopy

Susan Sales - The Last Long Weekend of Summer

Susan Sales.


{Images via 1. Trouvais, 2. Surroundings, 3., 7. and 10. Google Images, 4.  Martha Stewart, 5. Princess Anne Country, 6. Inspiring Interiors, 8.  Pottery Barn, 9. Brabourne Farm, 11. Heidi Claire, 12. Cote de Texas, 13. Susan Sales}

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Photo Wall Displays

With the world of digital photography and the literally thousands of photos that can be taken in just a day now, I seem to have way more pictures than I know what to do with.  I certainly don’t have much tablespace available, nor do I have time (or talent) to scrapbook everything.  I love displaying pictures though, and these collage galleries manage to jam in lots of pictures in little spaces… and look very chic too!



I absolutely LOVE the idea of ledges or shallow pictures shelves.  You can pile on what you need without having to make a hole (or 5 in my case) in the wall!


anne turner carroll photo vignette

More photos than frames- the story of all our lives I’m sure!  I lvoe how they just add and post pictures in the empty wall spaces. 

hallway and clip photos via brown button

Once something is framed, I find myself less likely to change it out.  This is a great way to keep fun current snapshots on display.


A giant wallboard can do the same thing.  The streamlined cross pattern of the ribbon keeps things looking stylish.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Bright and Clean by Atelier AM

Mondays call for some visual refreshment.  This house by Michael and Alexandra Misczynski is just that- fresh, clean and uncluttered.  

I never noticed the painting on the back wall before today- I love the punch of color it brings to the room.  While restricted in color palette, this room is brimming with textural interest. 

The open shelves and greenery soften this modern kitchen.


Isn’t this the most soothing bedroom you’ve ever seen?  Spa blue bedding and yards and yards of gauzy white linen can do that!


Pure and clean.



Texture is one of the main elements the designers used in every single area of this home, including all of the many outdoor seating areas.


The purpley-blue flowers infused throughout the design are so pretty.


Everything is simple but nothing is boring.


{Images via Veranda and Atelier AM}

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