Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One down

The checklist is getting smaller- I can cross off "start my blog". Of course I now have quite a few more tasks to add, such as posts to this "checked off" blog. One down with this I suppose!

Since I discovered the vast and highly addictive world of blogging it has occupied many delightful hours of my life and given me countless inspirations. I am an interior designer, so this has been well received to put it mildly.

I love the excitement of discovering something new- whether it be related to interior design, landscape, graphics, art, music, literature, travel, food, fashion, life in general or any of the multitude of other possible categories that catch my interest... Which is evolving and expanding and focusing every single day. Some days can be quite chaotic I have to admit, but I love it.

So this will be my soapbox to share with you the curiosities I find...
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