Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more excuses… it’s time to get organized!

Being in the midst of transitioning to working strictly from home has forced me to face something very important: I can’t procrastinate on organizing my home office anymore!!!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed always having an excuse to push this necessary but dreaded task to the back burner, I really did.  I’ve managed to push the task off just a little while longer by scouring my inspiration files for images of great workspaces…


Do you also have a weakness for matching office accessories?  They may everything look so uncluttered, don’t they?


sarahs fab day bookshelves 

I can’t wait to have a place for everything, well labeled and totally organized!


myra hoefer design study 

Look how happy these gals are in their  tidy and chic office space! 


               mrs. blandings study

A  little less structured is probably more my true working style.  Hopefully my current bomb of an office can get to this point soon! 

Now it’s time to get to work!

{Images via Martha Stewart, Sarah’s Fab Day, Myra Hoefer Design, & Mrs. Blandings}

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the words of Oscar Wilde…

cavalli dress via anzu london blog

“I find it harder and harder every day to live up to my blue and white china.”

-Oscar Wilde

{Image via Anzu London}

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Black and White and Graphic All Over

billy baldwin decorates via style court

There’s nothing like a bold print on an antique chair to bring it new life.


decorno striped living room

Stripes are always a good thing in my humble opinion.  I like the contrasting trim on the bias of the black and white throw pillows in the image above.

elle decor livng room by courtnay daniels hayden


Western Interiors -April May 2009- Renea Abbott p 108 copy

Artwork is always an easy way to make a statement.

kikette interiors blog frederic mechiche paris bathroom 

As is an eye-catching floor pattern.

western interiors butlers pantry

jenna lyons bathroom clawfoot tub 2

I love how the herringbone floor and the bright white tub interior stand out even more against the black walls of this bath.  Also loving the mix of brass plumbing fixtures instead of the expected silver.


vt interios library zebra living room

  Textiles can add a dose of pizzazz as well… and a little zebra never hurts (note the “little” please).


decorpad dining room with black toile 

Nor does a little black and white toile, especially when contrasted with large-scaled masculine furnishings and huge white blossoms.

{Images via 1. Style court, 2. Decorno, 3. Elle Decor, 4?, 5, Kikette Interiors, 6. VT Interiors, 7. & 8. Western Interiors magazine, 9. Decorpad, 10. Domino magazine}

Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Flowers… go perfectly with Meringues

raspberry meringue

After all the confections and candy color of my Marie Antoinette post earlier this week, I couldn't help but post these raspberry swirl meringues.  They remind me of  big, full blossoms.   Aren’t they gorgeous?!? 

Happy weekend!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Knock Knock


But only if you can find the door!

Habitually Chic concealed panel doors

italian vogue june 2008 via nick olsen


{Images via Habitually Chic,  Italian Vogue, Inspired Design,

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What would Marie Antoinette do…


With her interior design if she were living today? 


I watched Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette this weekend, based off of Antonia Fraser’s biography Marie Antoinette: The Journey.  Besides making me want a flute of champagne and a petit four, I was entranced by the film.   The setting at Versaille, the costumes by Milena Canonero, the actors, and the artistry that Sofia brings was magical.  This was definitely not your typical period drama, which is immediately obvious as  punk rock plays to the opening credits. 

Even having been to Versailles in person one cannot quite take it all in… seeing it in the film I was again awed with all the detail, carving, gilding and opulence of the sprawling chateau and it’s manicured-t0-a-“T grounds.  While a bit fancier than my personal style, it is unbelievable and amazing none the less.  I started to think about which designer the always in vogue, party loving and controversially independent Marie Antoinette would select to design her interiors if she were living today…



   mary mcdonald pink and red bedroom   

Would the vibrant Queen adore the candy colored style of another fashionista, designer Mary McDonald?



cdt gerrie bremmerman living room in whites and pinks 

Would she pick the designing southern belle Gerrie Bremermann, who can make a room sparkle in the most elegant of ways?  No doubt M.A. would love to spend an afternoon shopping in Ms. Bremermann’s New Orleans shop…




Perhaps she’ stay away from frills and head towards a more handsome look by Michael S. Smith?



cdt lars bolander bedroom with off white curtains

Would she go for light and airy with Lars Bolander, whose full taffeta draperies can cause a heart to flutter?


      marie antoinette film still 2


Would she mix high class pedigree with an industrial edge and choose Axel Vervoordt?


marie antoinette film still in chaise

charlotte moss kips bay showhouse via cdt    

Would Charlotte Moss’s ability to mix the luxuries of Versaille with a modern sensibility win Marie Antoinette over?


marie antoinette wallpaper

hb windsor smith bathroom

Would she opt for classy and glamorous with Windsor Smith?



 alessandra branca cream and pink living room

Perhaps M.A. would like to tailor things up without losing an ounce of detail, and choose Alessandra Branca



       cdt suellen gregory new white living room ottoman 

I’m sure Suellen Gregory’s feminine and clean rooms would appeal to her….



Though maybe she would have changed more with the times than we give her credit for, and love the boldness of Miles Redd?



suzanne kasler dinign room

Would the dressmaker details of Suzanne Kasler's interiors be a perfect match for the couture minded M.A.?



  cdt joni webb lizzie's bedroom redesign 2 

Would Joni Webb’s seagrass, linen and silk confection make M.A. feel she was a girl after her own heart? 



vicente wolf blue living room with oriental rug

Could she resist the sumptuous fabric, furnishing,s and treasures from around the globe of a Vicente Wolf interior?

As you can tell, this movie left me with much more to ponder than just eating cake! 

{Images from designers websites as well as Cote de Texas, Style Court, House Beautiful, Domino, and Google Images}

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Wintry Weekend Lounging

Could be done so well here.

my sweet savannah living room with stairwell

{Image via My Sweet Savannah}

Friday, January 8, 2010

Friday Flowers

   sussie bell via simply natural

Happy Friday!

{Image via Simply Natural}

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you seen the new exhibit in the Kitchen?


Do you dare hang fine art in the Kitchen?

I won’t even pause before sharing my opinion- YES!!! Each of these kitchens is beautiful on it’s own but there’s something so elegant about turning it into gallery space.   It’s throwing caution to the wind and making the stance that this room should be just as refined as any other- we do spend much of our time in there after all!

nest egg blog compact kitchen with display storage

I am in love the contrast of this serene oil painting above utilitarian stainless appliances (and that love is only intensified by the countless other gorgeous features- the marble countertops, wall mounted faucet and glass doors to name a few!).


Rozanne Jackson Kitchen 3 

I’ve posted on this Rozanne Jackson kitchen before and it still remains one of my favorite spaces.  The contrast, the colors, and the painting itself are so clean and refreshing.


sarahs fab day house beautiful black kitchen

The gilded frame on this oil painting is really eye catching in the midst of this bold and country inspired kitchen.



The dark moody oil painting and classy glass chandelier give this kitchen has instant pedigree .  Everything in this space feels so sculptural.


desire to inspire reclaimed loft kitchen

This kitchen is lucky enough to have gorgeous exposed brick to enhance it’s lofty chic feeling.  The artwork is not just hung on the wall but also layered and propped on the countertop for a more casual effect.


    kikette interiors blog frederic mechiche paris kitchen

Handsome black walls really make this collection of silver framed art pop.  If you picture this being the kitchen of a classy French style-maker then you are right!  This is the Paris kitchen of designer Frederic Mechiche.


phoebe howard dark and marble kitchen

Designer Phoebe Howard didn’t overlook this cozy corner…. instead she made it a surprising focal point.


MHZ Interior Design via brabourne farm

Long on art and short on walls?  This kitchen has taken take full advantage of it’s height and gone floor to ceiling with framed pieces.  You can easily forget that the functional purpose of this room is to prepare food instead of to admire the artwork!

{Photos via 1. Nest Egg; 2. Southern Accents; 3. Sarah’s Fab Day; 4. ?; 5. Desire to Inspire; 6. Kikette Interiors; 7. Phoebe Howard; 8. Brabourne Farm}

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