Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Touch of Green: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream Green


Isn’t it delicious?

my lovely four seasons blog colorful bedding 

It’s not quite lime…

 white and bright bathroom via blueprint bliss   

And not quite copper penny…

glimpses of style green front door

But perfectly beautiful all the same.  He thinks so don’t you?

{Photos via My Lovely Four Seasons, Blueprint Bliss, and Glimpse of Style}

Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday Flowers


Shabby_Chic_3 alkemie blog

Posting after Friday’s sun has set, but better late than never right?

I love the beachy, ethereal quality of these colors  and textures together.  The blue bottle collection adds a little grit to the sweet & mis-matched china collection (all of which are perfect bud vases of course!) on the bright white shelves.  Oh yes, and the flowers… how could I not mention these luscious cotton-candy colored blossoms!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

{Photo via Alkemie}

Monday, July 20, 2009




I’ve been out of town enjoying the beautiful island of Maui… why we boarded our connecting flight out of Honolulu  and didn’t become permanent beachies I do not know!  Please excuse the delay in posting as I adjust to post-vacation reality… which is moving at a much faster pace and lacking the hula music I’ve grown accustomed too!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Beat the heat

daisy pink cupcake pink suitcase 

It’s a little toasty here in Phoenix, so we’re skippin’ town. 

Which is really a blessing because my before-we-leave-to-do-list is getting out of control.  Give me more time and I will be packing the kitchen sink.  Whenever I really plan for a trip and try to organize it thoroughly, I end up taking even more random stuff than if I just packed on the fly.  Tonight we went to dinner with some of our very best friends (who are getting married next month!) and recalled our honeymoon in Italy when I completely over-packed (hardcover books, ALL of my stationary for thank you notes that of course didn’t happen on the trip, and enough clothing, shoes and toiletries to last a season and supply a full-service spa)…  We won’t be quite as luggagely-challenged this time, but I sure do wish I could pack a neat little suitcase like this one, pop my matching flower through the handle and be on my globe-trotting way!

Whether you’re vacationing or staycationing, have a lovely  and laid back Saturday!

{Photo via Daisy Pink Cupcake}

Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday Flowers

The beach is calling my name... luckily I'm headed there tomorrow!

The breezy summery look of this vintage wine jug and bright bougainvilla capture the beachy look perfectly. Have a happy Friday!

{Photo via House Beautiful}

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Pink, Part Deux


In no particular order, in a random frenzy of “oooh I like that!” thoughts, I’m continuing my summer romance with color.  Enjoy some pink, pink and more pink!


Isn’t it satisfying to know that one decorative accessory, one single purchase,  like a magenta throw pillow can totally transform a room?  I love that!


pink dining room via compulsively compiled  

Art mats… another simple detail that adds so much!

flickr from desire to inspire July 9

Truth be told, a pink bathroom is probably the first and only room I’d paint pink myself.  A whimsical little space and a rosy complexion sound like a good thing to me!


Carolina Herrera Jr.’s bathroom with stripes, posies, and a cowhide… trying to balance out the feminity factor maybe???  I love the child’s chair that is used as a surface for setting towels and toiletries next to the pedestal sink- what a great idea!


brabourne farm pink slipcovers  

Slipcovers and stripes are quintessential summer.

british homes and gardens aug 2009 french bistro tables 

Mmm… dining al fresco in Provence.  I love bougainvillea matching chair cushions!

cdt suellen gregory new white living room ottoman

The Pink House.

 cdt suellen gregory orig dining room  

The Dining Room in the Pink House mixes hot and petal pink together, which I really like.  It keeps from getting a too-decorated look.

indiahicks6 domino mag 

See, another room where pinks are mixed and look even better… especially with lots and lots of white!  India Hicks summer house feels so breezy and light with this palette.


 material girls katie stassi living room

Running out to the store and picking up a pretty orchid or flower is certainly my go-to solution for short-term color love.  And a tropical orchid is perfect for summer.

atlanta_bartlett_chair via simply natural  

Another flower, another quick addition of a throw pillow and voila, pink perfection.


brabourne farm  Marie Claire Id%C3%A9es - fabric plates on Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Windows Internet Explorer 27012009 125753 PM_bmp  

Not for the faint of heart!


alkemie pink living room

Even thought here are different shades of pink here, it’s formal furniture and arrangement is bordering the “too-decorated” look to me… it’s stiff.   I actually love the elements on their own, but together it’s looking like Barbie’s Georgetown Playhouse… ooch I’m getting harsh.  



Now this room breaks and makes the rules in a different way- mostly ne shade of pink (though it still does have some deeper fuschias and a red), but it’s more relaxed while still being slightly formal.  What’s the magic element- the pink linen slipcovers of course!


 suellen gregory pink balloon shade bedrom

I love these perfectly measured doses of raspberry pink that Suellen Gregory uses.  It’s pink with some sass and sophistication. 

swish and swanky via domino amanda peet living room

Watermelon pink and a bold print inject so much life into this living room!


the laurel hedge pink settee

If I lived in a historical colonial house I think I’d break tradition and do something unexpected like this peony pink wall too.  Doesn’t it just make the most perfect backdrop?

under a paper moon melani acevedo dog on chair

Taking a cue from this guy who is now either totally content or thoroughly tired of pink, goodnight!

{Photos via 1. Cottage Living, 2. Compulsively Compiled, 2. Desire To Inspire, 4. & 9. Domino, 5. House Beautiful, 6. British Homes & Gardens, 7., 8., & 15. Cote de Texas, 10. Material Girls, 11. Simply Natural, 12. Brabourne Farm, 13. Alkemie, 14. Country Living, 15. Domino via Swish and Swanky, 16. The Laurel Hedge, 17. Melanie Acevado via Under a Paper Moon}

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Red(ish) White and Blue(ish)

Happy 4th of July to all those stateside!

And Happy Saturday to all those elsewhere!

   msl_july04_drinkparasol_xl via martha stewart

red dahlia adamle photographique

 modern country blog red print fabrics 

 my sweet savannah sleeping porch

domino ikea towels

lake_dock_camp style_house beautiful

  martha stewart blueberry topping in mugs

 toast bath girl via brown button


walking wardrobe striped bag and flowers

sotto il monte vineyards blue entry


 ws home blue towels


  dreamhouse blog bed with blue curtains

  summer porch bed via decorology via photog laura resen

{Photos via 1. & 7. Martha Stewart, 2. ???, 3. Modern Country, 4. Pottery Barn, 5. Ikea, 6. House Beautiful via Under A Paper Moon, 8. Toast via Brown Button, 9. Elle Decor, 10. Walking Wardrobe, 11. Sotto Il Monte Vineyards, 12. Brilliant Asylum, 13. Williams Sonoma, 14. Rachel Ashwell, 15. Dreamhouse, 16. Laura Resen via Decorology}

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Friday Flowers for the Fourth

reddish white and bluish florals

Looking forward to a casual weekend…

msl_jul06_clipart_xl via marthat stewart

With lots of deliciousness!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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