Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Want to go to Paris? Let's visit Gigi. She's a beautiful, elegant Parisian... of the apartment sort!

Gigi has a lovely living room. All white upholstery, opposing sofas, a cushy ottoman with fresh flowers...so comfy. The chartreuse accents really bring the space to life. I love the fabulous trumeau mirrors above one of the sofas, mirroring the windows on the opposite wall and bringing in more natural light and so much elegance.

The large Armoire at the far wall really anchors the furniture arrangement and is such a wonderful contrast to all the light furniture. Even the basket casually placed on top of it adds to the charm and relaxed feel to the space.

I can't believe we've gotten this far without mentioning Gigi's wall decor- a multitude of plates and platters on display. Shiny white china in repeated shapes is really keeping Gigi youthful. I love the oh-so-European-details of the interior shutters and the scrolling ironwork too.

Gigi's quite eclectic- trumeaus, china and antlers all on one room... a French girl can pull off anything.

One last look before we head into the Dining Room. There are many traditional and antique styles here yet it's anything but stuffy. The light fabrics, monochrome palette, and selective use of color (and trendy color at that) keep it looking fresh and hip.

Simplified statement pieces are in Gigi's Dining Room. That is quite the table, and like the Armoire in the Living Room, it is the contrasting "anchor" to this room.

Many of the pieces in here are oversized, which is actually quite unique for a Parisian apartment. The consistency in scale keeps clutter and fuss to a minimum.

The furniture and seating arrangement is very interesting, and very unlike most American Dining Rooms. There are actually several seating areas in this one space between the table, the daybed, and the slipper chairs flanking the fireplace. Notice another mirror above the fireplace for reflective light.

Chevron wood floors... oh je t'aime...

Isn't it amazing to see the efficiency of a Parisian Kitchen??? I'm amazed. Even in Gigi's utilitarian spaces she's beautiful- open shelves, great glass front cabinet, and of course a crystal chandelier.

Gigi's bedroom is pure linen heaven. I feel refreshed just looking at it...

The Water Closet uses a cute alternative for toilet tissue storage and has a charming little sink.
It appears that all the walls are tiled, which is so much more interesting than paint.

The Bathroom has more intricate tile work than the Water Closet and more decoration, including these wonderful framed botanicals. The furniture piece is a great alternative to a traditional cabinet.

On the way out don't forget to see the other charmer, the Service bath. The plumbing fixtures themselves aren't anything too special; in each space its the details like the framed mirrors and decorative lighting that bring it to life. I think it's such a cool concept to make these baths extensions of the decorated interiors first, and bathrooms second.

Gigi's view... it's so typically Parisian and so pretty.

Now that we've seen all of Gigi, you must be wondering how to get in touch so that you can stay with her next time you are in Paris. Virtually visit her here.

Bon Nuit!


vicki archer said...

Oh Gigi and I would get on well together, xv.

Zane said...

Good feature! Discount Dining Room Furniture looks fantastic.

Velvet and Linen said...

Gigi and I could definitely be friends. I love her style!
The cozy dining room and the all white bedroom are my favorites.
Have a wonderful day, Alice.


Colour Me Happy said...

Actually I couldn't get over the mass of flowers in that bucket in the living room. That would be more than a florist shop would have all at once!! Lovely green and white apartment. love it!

Linda Merrill said...

Love it! Paris, anytime!!

maureen said...

The space is so amazing! I absolutely love white furniture & that bedroom is heaven!

Renee Finberg said...

just fabulous !!!

i will check her out.


Anonymous said...


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