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I'm a huge fan of FLOR , a carpet tile company that encompasses chic, modern, hip, classic, and functional all in one little square. Ok, maybe a few squares. FLOR is the more residential/retail branch of a commercial carpet company that specializes in carpet tiles. Tiles are a genius idea for homes since they can be easily replaced/cleaned/moved around. Until FLOR, the tiles available were not quite home-worthy.

I've had this "area rug" of tiles from FLOR for several years and it has certainly seen it's share of dog disasters, spills, and even a baby mess or two. They are so easy to clean- soap and water in a regular kitchen or utility sink and out to air dry. This rug has followed me to my new house, all I had to do was un-stick'em, stack 'em and go.

In the past few years FLOR has really branched out with their styles, patterns, and textures. They fit beautifully into a classical style or a mod one.

They now feature 100% wool tiles.

And sisal-y Coir tiles.

You know you've made it when the maven Martha has her own line... yes, Martha Stewart has brought a "good thing" of elegance to the brand in more muted tones and classic textures.

They suggest using these for wall to wall, and more interestingly for making an area rug of tiles from one style or more. Many of their colors from style to style coordinate for just this purpose.

Besides color and texture, there's also an array of patterns to choose between. This platinum area rug brings some pizazz to this very sophisticated interior.

For every Betsey Johnson lover out there.

Another area rug, with a contrasting color border. Notice how this border is not made of squares but of rectangles... these tiles are easy to cut and trim down and many can come pre-cut. FLOR sells the tools to do this yourself, though a good utility knife will do the trick.

Here's another fun way to create a "rug". See how well these transition from classic to contemporary?


I'll take the runner and the rest of this room too please! I'm not sure if anything could look bad in combination with large steel casement windows, dark walnut floors, and Louis style chairs, but this chocolate runner does look especially delicious!

While I don't love this particular tile rug, I do love the antique farm Kitchen it's located in. It's these more vintage and antique details that have so caught my eye in their catalogs lately.

Works with vintage prints...

And gorgeous Belgian styled linen sofas...

And vintage French Deco desks...

Yes, I'd say their "getting it" by styling in a La Cornue range. Besides it's obvious gloriousness, the cabinetry in this kitchen is so pretty with its combination of white and dark woods. If that is a zinc countertop on the island, then I will take this room too.

These are a great way to add a splash of color to a room without spending a fortune. A few tiles, and this Kitchen has been completely energized.

Several of their styles are more wear-and-tear geared... great for adding some excitement to the Laundry Room or Basement that you can do yourself, and that can be easily
changed or cleaned.

Why stop there? FLOR your bathroom too. It's a great idea when you want a rug in you bath, but not one that you have to fret over. I'm eyeing the fabulous mix of mirrors they've used in this bathroom too...

Again not sure what could look less than pretty in a room with a clawfoot tub, vintage inspired tile work, plush linens and Bouvet door levers...

If I ever have a spectacularly amazing greenhouse with vintage piece scattered about , I'll try to order some tiles for it too.

A very customer-friendly company, FLOR has design consultants to assist you with their infinite choices. You can also order 6" x 6" samples (3 for $5) ... happy FLORing!


Sharon Colaco D'Souza said...

Beautiful floor decor Alice. This is my first visit to your blog. You can be sure I'll keep coming back:)


columnist said...

I like the idea of these FLOR coir/sisal tiles. But I wonder if they ever "separate" when you don't want them to, as they used to, or whether they've perfected that design element?

Thanks for stopping by.

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Anonymous said...

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Jassica said...

I like the idea of these FLOR coir/sisal tiles. But I wonder if they ever "separate" when you don't want them to, as they used to, or whether they've perfected that design element?

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Sandra said...

I am just not able to make out which rug is more beautiful. But what caught my attention is the arrangement of round rugs in the eight picture. The color also looks nice and cleaning should not be a daunting task. By the way please check here if you are in need of carpet cleaners.

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