Thursday, October 20, 2011

Slipcover Chic

While I love a beautifully tailored piece of upholstery, a slipcover is just so very practical for my own lifestyle.  It gives me comfort knowing that the dirt and mud that my dog and son (and me!) can track onto it are easily cleanable.  Plus it gives a casual air to a room, and that is definitely something I am all about in my own house!

camilla at home white rom

I love white fabrics but I could never let myself upholster a piece in a white material… I know it would be damaged goods in no time!  But with a slip I’m able to use my favorite non-color without any worries (besides an extra load of laundry every once in a while)!

lily g online blog living room

I love how a room can be tied together so well with matching slipcovers.  Who knows what fabrics are underneath these slips- they could look horrible with each other, but matching slips you’d never know.

visual vamp - image129_thumb

These natural linen slipcovers are really more practical than white ones… they still give the overall effect of a light slipcover but they are much more forgiving with markings. 

shannon bowers double ruffle slipcover

Always have loved the steely blue gray of this slipcover.  The double ruffle is a fun detail that  you don’t have to permanently live with in case you ever veer towards a more minimal look.  And as a design schizophrenic, that flexibility to change styles with slipcovers totally appeals to me!


marley & lockyer sitting area

Look how good the dark accessories look next to these more slouchy slips!  Definitely goes to show that white slips aren’t just for the summer, but for all seasons. 

Casual, comfy and chic all at the same time. 

Cote de Texas has one of the most comprehensive blog posts on slipcovers you could ever read.  Enjoy!

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