Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Flowers

About this time of year when I was a teenager, my family would go to Cape Cod with some of my parents best friends.  We’d enjoy long days at the beach, read lots of books, and oogle at the beautiful hydrangeas that are everywhere. We’d also debate whether it’s pronounced “Hydr-ann-gea” or “Hy-drain-gea” (according to a certain Bostonian as well as the Minnesota hy-drain-gea authority)… But to-may-to to-mah-to, hydr-ann-gea, hy-drain-gea nobody could debate that they weren’t gloriously beautiful!  And for one week the only family bickering would be about which color is the prettiest.  I think you can guess which side I took…

domino blue hydrangea


  veranda cover with stiped chair


 cdt blue hydrangea 



 shannon fricke Blue Flowers


 simply seleta blue and white tablescape


    fifi flowers blue and white tablescape via ballard deisgns

flickr hokiechick01 hydrangea




{Photos via Domino, Veranda, Cote de Texas, Martha Stewart, Shannon Fricke, Simply Seleta, Fifi Flowers, Flickr}


Brabourne Farm said...

Is there anything more beautiful than these wonderful flowers? Leigh

Fifi Flowers said...

All of these photos are BEAUTIFUL... j'adore flowers!

vicki archer said...

I am having a crush on hydrangeas myself at the moment - I can't seem to see enough of them. Love your images and thank you...xv

The Antiques Diva™ said...

Have you ever been to Holland?? I think the best hydrangeas in the world are grown there! The banks of the River Vecht are lined with massive bushes overflowing with giant blue, purple, violet, pink and white blossoms dripping down into the water. It's sensational... I'll try to find a pic to email you!

Huma said...

Lovely lovely pics, sigh...
I love big blossoming blooms, and love it when you just take a stem and put it in clear glass.
By the way, do pop by - I have a lovely giveaway going on here

h x

Vitania said...

Beautiful blue hydrangeas - in any colour they are a wonderful bloom.


Anonymous said...

I just love hydrangea. We did a wedding awhile back that we ordered tons of them. That was the only flower used. They are just beautiful.

Blue Muse said...

Mmmm hydrangeas! I have tried so hard to keep mine blue, but the soil just won't cooperate. They keep turning pink! grrrr.
xo Isa

Millie said...

What a delightful post Alice. I'll add another spin to the pronounciation debate, Hy-drain-jarrr! Us Aussies tend to flatter the last syllable out something fearful. I have just noticed that all my hydrangea plants are starting to produce masses of new growth. We are nearing the end of a long, cold Winter here, so bring on Spring!
Millie ^_^

Donna @ dh designs said...

Hy-drain-gea's got my vote - and BLUE is my favourite as well.

Beautiful post!

Greet said...

Dear Alice,

I want you to say that I love your blog very much! Long time before I started my own blog , I visited your blog from time to time!
Thank you for all the beautiful images you share!



compulsively compiled said...

I say Hydr-ann-gea and I love them. I am feeling so proud this year. Even though I don't have many blooms, I have one that is absolutely perfect. It makes me so happy. I don't have any blues. They sure are lovely!

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