Monday, January 12, 2009

A Carafe Half Full

Here's an easy everyday luxury that I have to share: the glass carafe.

I bought the classic "Full Litre" above for about $5 at World Market. How could I pass it up! It is an obvious staple for wine or water at the dinner table, and I find myself using it more and more just for myself. Whether I'm holing up in my home office for a few hours or watching a movie, it's such a convenience to have a carafe of fresh water at an arms reach.

It's hard enough to resist any fleur de lis, but pink too!?!
Only $28, this one dresses up any table and everyday dinnerware.

Another classic design and reasonable buy ($25), La Rochere's French Bee Carafe provides instant charm.

This would be my splurge at $50. It's coined the "Bedside Carafe" and is so handy with its included top/drinking glass. What a great way to spoil guests (or yourself) as they head to to bed with this pretty hand-etched vessel.

The Contemporary version of the Bedside Carafe. Priced well at $19.95 I would love to fill this with mouth wash and use it in a bathroom. It's much prettier than the plastastic container from the drug store, and would make each rinse that much more refreshing in the morning.
Gotta love form and function!


Lauren said...

Oh you've reminded me to break out my carafe! I have a similar one to the bedside carafe with the little cup on top & it's just so pretty but I tend to foget about it!

I love the contemporary version too! Ther're such great things to have for guests.

Anonymous said...

what a gorgeous round up of such a simple but beautiful object! I love them all but i can especially picture that last one filled with mouthwash as you say. the bright color of the mouthwash would pop so nicely against the clean lines of the carafe. very cool!

Anonymous said...

What brand in the contemporary Carafe? Crate and Barrel are no longer selling that type.

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