Saturday, May 30, 2009

Serious Saturday Sale!


This was a dangerous day.  Sage Antiques, one of my favorite vintage shops had a massive and fabulous sale where everything was 40-50% off.  I told you, it was dangerous!  During my first trip there (there were two) I snagged two rusty metal baskets and a grain sack with a bold blue stripe (I caved and picked up some pink candles yesterday and threw them in the photo!).  My friend found a beautiful candelabra for a serious song… I’ll have to photograph next time I’m over at the cute historic district home she and her husband are restoring.


Day goes on… Enter Husband who loves one of a kind pieces almost as much as 50% sales.  We head back for Sage Sale Round 2.    While our Kitchen remodel is a few years off, we checked “Island” off the list today with this old worktable, which we’ll keep in the Entry for the time being. 

DSCN0511 DSCN0512

Originally from a warehouse in Long Beach, Ca it’s got drill holes and patina galore all over it.   When my parents bought an old farm table for their Kitchen, my grandfather looked at them incredulously and said, “You PAID MONEY for this???”  I don’t know if he would take this table if you PAID HIM, and I’m laughing just imagining what he would say over it!


Lastly, we found these metal lockers that we’ll use as a tool cabinet in our garage.  The chic tool cabinet idea pleased the Designer and the price pleased the Husband.  After realizing it was less expensive than the ones he’s been eyeing at Home Depot it took me all of maybe oh, a millisecond, to tell him to buy it!  I can imagine so many more great uses for it too… books in a study, toiletries in a bathroom, even in a Kitchen as a pantry!  Can’t wait for Round 3, where we pick up the pieces (no not more shopping!).

Do you have any vintage finds you’ve repurposed for your home?  Do share!


Michelle said...

What a great store- the filigree front cabinet is amazing!

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

Oh my! What amazing finds!!! I'm totally jealous. Amazing farm table and lockers. I wish I had places like that near me!

Linda/"Mom" said...

* FABTASTIC "table/later island"!!! Annnd yer sooo right about G'pa's reaction too, for sure!!! Makes ME smile just thinking about it!!!

KUDOS ~ Terriffic finds!!!!

Best, Linda in AZ *

Catherine@Simply Natural said...

Oh wow, what a store! I could go crazy in there. I absolutely LOVE your purchases - the rusty baskets, the grain sack, the gorgeous soon-to-be island and those brilliant lockers - I've fallen in love with them all.

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT place... don't you just LOVE FAB finds... ENJOY!

Oliveaux said...

What a fabulous store. Love what you have found! Ax

Anonymous said...

I too have a whole shop full of vintage treasures!
Your Blog is so lovely... you have a great eye for finding beautiful objects and interiors!
Xx Stef

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