Friday, August 28, 2009

Friday Flowers

endless inspiration gerber daisies

Love the mirror, love the demi-john turned lamp, love the flowers, love the weekend!

{Photo via Endless Inspiration}


TheBeautyFile said...

pretty photo!

Greet said...

Yes a nice image Alice !
Enjoy your weekend!


Blue Muse said...

It's all gorgeous. Happy weekend, happy everything!
xo Isa

Ali said...

Hey I love youre blog and youll love mine too, so lets link, hmmm?


Condo Makati said...

What I love about this blog is that… this blog knows how to style and be chic. This blog knows what a woman wants for her own house interior. I love it.

Digital camcorders said...

I have seen a lot of stunning and gorgeous stuff around this blog site and I have found a lot of inspiration here. Thanks.

Kristin said...

So classically beautiful hydrangeas are!

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