Sunday, February 15, 2009

You can keep the Butler, but I'll take his Pantry

When I saw the $0.98 clearance sticker on these water goblets from Cost Plus World Market I didn't hesitate for even a second... I was overjoyed with my bargain find and wasn't even too disapointed when I learned they were marked down from only $1.99! Ce la vie...

Anyway, the real dilemma arose when I got home and realized I didn't have a home for these little finds. My husband was quick to remind me of that and that we already had more glasses than we need. Minor detail. A quick rearrange of the china cabinet just barely fit them all.

This of course would be no issue with a real Butler's Pantry...

{photo via Decorno - Stephen Karlisch photographer}

Love the skirted countertop and the combination of Wine Room/Pantry in this space.

{Photo via COCOCOZY}

In a real Butler's Pantry, illuminated glass door cabinets are a must. The chandelier looks quite amazing in here too.

{photo via French Home by Josephine Ryan}

Less glitzy and glamorous, these simple open shelves are so convenient for everyday items.

{photo via Willow Decor}

You have to see the before and after of this blogger's Butler's Pantry. It's amazing to see what four regular ol' walls turned into.

{Photo via Eddie Ross}

I also loved seeing what another blogger did when he had a closet, rather than a room to transform. Tiffany's meets Butler's Pantry.

When there isn't room for a closet or a room, you can certainly have a Butler's "Shelf" that looks just as pretty. Anyone else feeling a weakness for stacked white dishware???

{photo via Cote de Texas}}

This Kitchen by Pam Pierce mixes the right amount of vintage with crisp, clean and tailored. Her built in shelving unit is so convenient next to the table.

Okay, this might just be open shelving in a Kitchen but it serves the same purpose none-the-less. I love the industrial chic stainless shelves... kind of like a trendy restaurant kitchen has moved into your house!

{photo via Briger + Briger by Cris Briger & Paul Briger}

Another example of a cool shelving unit that gets the job done. A detail like the striped back wall instantly customize this look.

{photo via French Home by Josephine Ryan}

Whether it's a room, a closet, or a shelf that you use, a huge part of it's success is in the way it's organized. Displaying the plates vertically on a back wall and hanging tea cups from hooks are both functional and pretty tricks.

So take some inspiration from this, re-organize, and go get those dishes/glasses/platters you thought you didn't have room for. Stimulate the economy even if it's only $0.98 at a time!


vicki archer said...

You can never have too many glasses - right? Butlers pantry or not I love your find. Thank you for stopping by French Essence Alice, xv.

Barb said...

Hi Alice,

I will take ANY of those pantrys. Great find with the glasses.


Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Oh, to have proper storage for all of our pretties! I started collecting beautiful teacups and matching saucers, but my collection was quickly stiffled by my lack of display/storage space! As you say... that's life!

OLIVEAUX said...

I love your collection of pantry's & all their beautiful china.
Amanda x

Tina said...

what amazing cabinets! all those pretty dishes and glasses lined up so beautfully! those white kitchens are a dream too

Willow Decor: said...

Thanks so much for including my pantry and the link! It's wonderful to be included with so many other beautiful projects. It was great fun to see the Pantry come to life. We love it and I am sitting in it right now blogging!!

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