Monday, February 23, 2009

True Tuscan in Texas

It was love at first sight with this Austin home by architect Michael G. Imber and designer Marcus Mohon. They've taken a refreshing and accurate approach to Tuscan style, which is such a wonderful change from the unauthentic Tuscan-American look we have seen so often (that being said as politely as possible!). Each space is so easy on the eyes...

The mix of rustic materials with refined furniture remind me of John Saladino and Bobby McAlpine. The monochrome palette highlights the fabulous lines of each piece. The smaller tables and benches must be great for entertaining.

The Kitchen is surprisingly modern, but the crisp lines fit right into the rest of the home. The espresso finish is a wonderful contrast to the stainless steel and the displayed white china. Love the rustic detail of wood wall paneling. Doesn't the Holly Hunt candelabra seem to be made for this space???

The sheer linen panel is ingenious. According to the designer, "It's the modern echo of a tapestry."What a great way to make the Dining Room more intimate without closing it off.

I love everything about this space, including the echo.

The study looks like dark chocolate-y caramel. The modern lines of the shelving, the monochrome palette, the mix of traditional upholstery... so handsome, rich and refreshing all at once.

Cozy nooks are created within the Master Bedroom with furnishings and screens. The high quality of Mohon's taste is evident with his selection of the Barley twist desk and the Knoll Sofa. I love the soothing color palette against the dark floors.

A bathroom to spend an afternoon in...

There's not one element on it's own that makes this house so stunning, it's the combination of many pure materials, textures and finishes that do so (and that can be incorporated into an interior of almost any budget range). Here are the ones that speak to me most:

Neutral Color
Dark Moody Color
Nailheads on contemporary upholstery
Stone & mortar
Cavernous limestone fireplaces
Steel Windows
Crisp Clean Lines
Un-fussy Ironwork
Open shelves
White China
Several single variety floral arrangements
Dining al fresco

For all those mourning the recent loss of Domino , check out Western Interiors. (where this house was featured in Jan. 2008). It features a great mix of styles and has digital back issues on it's website... a source for hours of entertainment and eye candy!
My fingers are crossed that this one will outlast the current magazine epidemic!

{Photos from Western Interiors and Mohon-Imber}


Willow Decor: said...

What a wonderful post!! I adore that kitchen !! Just spectacutlar!!

Carolina Eclectic said...

I love the sheer used as a divider. Great detail.
P.S. I really like your blog:)

Renae said...


Thanks so much for coming over to my blog...I will add your ideas to what I have in mind and it is a process as you know but will definitely post when I am finished.

I love this post of yours....all the elements you described are definitely what make this home special. In the first picture the flat candelabra (I have a thing for them!), the twisted floor lamp and leather bench at the side of the sofa are great pieces....oh and I adore the linen slips. So not practical when the DH loves to "recline" on the couch....I do love them though.

I am going to add you to my list of favorites so I can keep an eye on what is going on in your neck of the woods.


vicki archer said...

Gorgeous house in every way, xv.

disa said...


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