Thursday, February 5, 2009

Shabby News

Within three clicks I was here, here, and here... and sadly learned Shabby Chic has filed Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Let's hope Rachel and her talented team can endure.

Some pretty pictures of their current goods...

I love SC's trademark white slipcovers, but this worn and patinaed sofa is so completely sumptuous. And it looks amazing when contrasted with weathered white.

My sister has always been a Shabby gal in love with the flowers and ruffles of classic Shabby Chic... I on the other hand love the mix of industrial that has recently joined the collections...

This shelf is very cool, as are the vintage wire baskets... I'll be implementing them on my own "new" bookshelves one of these days...

Draping a vintage textile over a dresser is a pretty way to enjoy it...

The tailoring on the skirted chairs is so beautiful (also see the more tailored skirt a few photos up).

A little less frilly sure looks good too.

Classic white bedding and mounds of down is absolutely divine.

So elegant.

This is from Shabby Chic's line at Target ... is anyone else swooning for the scallops and rusching?

Shabby Chic feature some gorgeous lighting fixtures. I could put a crystal chandelier in every room.

Any of these more industrial metal fixtures could go in every room too!

They've got many pretty rugs online and some unbelievably beautiful vintage rugs in the stores.

Fleur de Lys linen napkins and a Crown Doormat offer a healthy dose of welcome to any home.

While wishing Shabby Chic a long healthy future, the picture below speaks 1000 words....

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