Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For Style Seeking Dog Lovers

The "baby" in my house is a four legged furry one. He loves to play, cuddle, and be everywhere that people are... including the sofa, chairs, and beds! I was a sucker when he was a tiny puppy and allowed him to be on the furniture... yes, I was a push-over first time puppy owner! Luckily he's not a big dog, but maybe he will utilize his dog beds more if they look as good as these do....

You can tell Michael S. Smith is a dog lover- his have a place at the end of his bed. It's so pretty to see an elegant fabric coordinating with the rest of the decor.

Darryl Carter, another designer whose dog graces the pages of his book, has two dog beds shown underneath a fabulous antique Kitchen Island. Like Michael Smith's, the soft pattern on these beds makes them effortlessly chic.

It's very easy to have a custom pillow cover made- select your fabric, purchase the right quantity and head off to the upholsterer's. For a simply styled pillow cover, your tailor may even do this, or if you've got the ambition, dust off the sewing machine! I've always thought this Kravet fabric would make a fun bed for a modern home.

On the other hand, there's plenty of fabulous ready-mades available...

Classic Checks.


Can't you see these in an industrial style Kitchen?

Toile (for the four legged Francophile).

Striped hemp ... perfect for the beach inspired house.

Flowers and ruffles. How sweet would this be for a little cottage?

Plush, and not actually a dog bed! I originally bought a little sheepskin for my decor, but somebody else soon found another use for it and has had one ever since! He loves them and it's a rather funny sight, since he blends right in!

If all else fails, a laundry pile will suffice (a one sided opinion of course!). This picture was taken in my husband's bachelor pad bedroom (hence lack of a bed frame) while cleaning out his closet to make room for moi! I think I may have blogger's regret over posting such a mess of a picture... but look at that smile!


Courtney said...

Oh my gosh- that is a complete combination of my dogs! Every afternoon, without fail, I will find our older, bigger dog in our bed-- with his head on the pillows! And our little guy loves laundry piles... nothing seems to make him happier than flopping down on our dirty clothes.

I love the photos of the dog beds under the kitchen island and at the foot of the bed-- I only wish my dogs showed more interest in actually sleeping in their beds! :)

Shandell's said...

My dogs, like the one on the laundry pile are at home on every piece of furniture I own. But they fill my days with joy. Great post

Topsy Turvy said...

Alice - I loved Michael Smith's honesty, when he admits in his new book that his dogs don't sleep on that beautiful dog bed, they sleep with him!


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