Saturday, April 2, 2011

Garden Sheds

This weekend’s house keeping task is to clean out our shed.  It’s not something we’re looking forward to, but these pictures are inspiring me to transform it from a garage-overflow-space to something more useable, enjoyable, and dare I say, charming.


 BHGsghed5 via pure style home

Is that an adorable townhouse or a delightful shop? Oh no, it’s just the ol’ garden shed…. uh-huh…. garden shed of my dreams!



Charming and lush


christie brinkley hamptons shed via hooked on houses

Love the vines growing up onto the shed and the gravel pathway leading to it.




design ties blog landscaping uk

Another architectural masterpiece of a shed.


shed chic 2

Party shed.


design ties blog the grow spot shed

Love the idea of incorporating it into the landscape décor.


The next few pictures really stretch the word “shed”…

my ome ideas garden shed

Cuter than many homes!

shed chic

How adventurous to have your guest bedroom be in a shed, and be as chic as this!


ANNE_NOCHOLSON_keith_scott_morton country livng

Banish me to this shed now please!


thatched-roof-hut-3-big grasse france by dan heller

An old caravan turned shed is just too fun!


Now… check out this wonderful transformation by designer Michael Devine where he takes an ordinary (but a very cute ordinary) wood shed and transforms it into a gorgeous and sophisticated retreat…

michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 1michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 2



michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 3

After.  Really, are these the same spaces?!? The open shelving with beautiful accessories, the sophisticated wall to wall curtains, the lush plantings…. gorgeous!

michael devine gardens shed transofrmation 4

As if it couldn’t get any better than it already was, the floor is painting in this chic pattern, there's a daybed for mid-afternoon lounging , and a fanciful chandelier.  I’m inspired, no doubt about it!


lauren liess playshed

Designer Lauren Liess of Pure Style Home turned her Lowes shed into this adorable playhouse for her little boys.  Inspiration and elbow grease sure can create a magical place….


We may never turn our shed into a garden room like some of these gorgeous spaces, but we definitely can incorporate some of BHG’s practical (and cute) gardening ideas into it….

bhg potting bench

Potting bench where everything is clean, organized, and inviting!


bhg blackboard

bhg planting calendar

Seed calendar displayed on ribbons… those little packets can get lost so easily and this keeps them organized and in plain sight.


bhg basket of garden gear

Gardening-on-the-go basket. 


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Paulo McManus said...

Those garden sheds are certainly more livable than my shabby place. They just look warm and inviting.

Carol Lee said...

The shed actually just gives me an idea for my next week party. Might as well have it as my theme.

Carol Lee said...
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Pearly Craig said...

The green wooden shed looks like a hobbit house to me. Cute and adorable.

Anonymous said...

The shed with almost dilapidated look appeals to me most. It looks to me like a vintage.

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Anonymous said...

Elegant-looking styles. These are shed trends that never go out of style.

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