Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Flowers: My roses!

I have wanted to pull out the straggly weed-like lantana that ran the perimeter of our backyard since we moved into our house several years ago.  Everyone has the reaction of “Oh lantana, why do you hate it, I LOVE it!”  Our lantana was not pretty nor sweet- it was beastlike. It overtook everything and looked like a dead weed most of the time.  A few weekends ago we finally removed every last trace of the stuff, including it’s monstrous roots (this was very old lantana!).  In it’s place,  we planted the rose bushes I’d been envisioning for several years.  I am so happy to finally have my own cutting garden!


I planted a mixture of white, pink and mango-ish peach roses (Secret’s Out, Queen Elizabeth, Falling in Love and Valencia to be exact).   DSC_0277copy

We happened to have two loner rose bushes in our front yard, a bright pink and a mauvey purple (I think this is the Barbra Streisand rose) that had some blossoms too.  These colors aren’t my favorites but they smell divine.


Happy weekend!

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Red River Interiors said...

Beautiful flowers and arrangements...Love your blog, Fay

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