Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Flowers: Wedding Flowers in White, Green and Pink

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Flowers.  These sure have been on my mind, in my hands, and all over my kitchen for the last week! 

I have started arranging wedding flowers and just completed my second wedding.  Of course I am biased, but I think flowers are one of the most special details of a wedding design, or any event design for that matter! 

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Caring for and arranging each bloom is a labor of love for me.  As I happily arranged well into the night during the first wedding’s preparation my husband really thought I had lost it- two a.m. and I’m in the kitchen (or the mess of flowers, buckets, and vases that was formerly a kitchen) and smiling away as I worked.  Literally. 

Untitled-1 copy

The preparation for the next wedding went so smoothly that I even managed to get to the rehearsal dinner, and on time!  Oh yeah, did I mention I was a guest at both weddings!  Nothing like running around arranging vases on tables and then throwing on a dress at the last minute!

I can’t wait to see the photographers pictures.  Mine are below…focus on the flowers not the photography!

DSC_1265 - Copy

  The bride of this wedding is very elegant and natural, so her flowers had to be as well!  A mix of gorgeous ivory blossoms and fresh greenery adorned each dining table.

DSC_1272 - Copy 2

The arrangement for the bride and grooms table is the most important one of course!  This arrangement incorporated a few more flower varieties and was extra special.

  DSC_1275 - Copy

Congratulations to my good friends C & A, now newlyweds!  Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day! I loved every minute of the flower arranging as well as every minute of your fabulous wedding!


Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

Wow... these arrangements are incredibly lovely! I wish I had your talent!


Linley said...

The flowers were gorgeous, Alice!

susan brown said...


baby cribs said...

I love pink flowers. I seldom see them but I always fall in love with them.

Patrick said...

I can say they were beautiful as I was there and saw them. So if anyone is thinking about asking Alice to do their flowers I give a huge recommendation.


classic • casual • home said...

You are so talented. Lovely.

Flip Jork said...

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