Sunday, April 3, 2011

Suzanis on the bed


Now that spring has officially arrived it’s time for some freshening and color!  We’ve seen suzanis everywhere lately, but one place where I haven't tired of seeing them is on the bed.  It’s the perfect replacement for the heavy comforters of winter.

arch digest richard shapiro bedroom

Richard Shapiro’s bedroom featured in Architectural Digest.  The all white bed and contemporary lamps show how the suzani can be used in am masculine way.

michael smith bedroom

Michael S. Smith’s handsome take on the suzani bedcover.


kathryn ireland world of interiors bedroom with suzani

Kathryn M. Ireland’s design featured in World of Interiors shows the suzani in a softer, breezier setting. 


kathryn m ireland creating a home bed with suzani 

Another bedroom by Kathryn from her book Creating a Home, but this time the suzani is out in full force.  This is an antique from Uzbekistan that she made into a bed cover.  I love how much interest and color it brings to the room.


country living 2010 house bedroom with corals and blues

For the suzani shy, perhaps just a small dose of it in a pillow is enough.  This bed from Country Living uses a throw pillow from Wisteria.

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