Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Have you seen the new exhibit in the Kitchen?


Do you dare hang fine art in the Kitchen?

I won’t even pause before sharing my opinion- YES!!! Each of these kitchens is beautiful on it’s own but there’s something so elegant about turning it into gallery space.   It’s throwing caution to the wind and making the stance that this room should be just as refined as any other- we do spend much of our time in there after all!

nest egg blog compact kitchen with display storage

I am in love the contrast of this serene oil painting above utilitarian stainless appliances (and that love is only intensified by the countless other gorgeous features- the marble countertops, wall mounted faucet and glass doors to name a few!).


Rozanne Jackson Kitchen 3 

I’ve posted on this Rozanne Jackson kitchen before and it still remains one of my favorite spaces.  The contrast, the colors, and the painting itself are so clean and refreshing.


sarahs fab day house beautiful black kitchen

The gilded frame on this oil painting is really eye catching in the midst of this bold and country inspired kitchen.



The dark moody oil painting and classy glass chandelier give this kitchen has instant pedigree .  Everything in this space feels so sculptural.


desire to inspire reclaimed loft kitchen

This kitchen is lucky enough to have gorgeous exposed brick to enhance it’s lofty chic feeling.  The artwork is not just hung on the wall but also layered and propped on the countertop for a more casual effect.


    kikette interiors blog frederic mechiche paris kitchen

Handsome black walls really make this collection of silver framed art pop.  If you picture this being the kitchen of a classy French style-maker then you are right!  This is the Paris kitchen of designer Frederic Mechiche.


phoebe howard dark and marble kitchen

Designer Phoebe Howard didn’t overlook this cozy corner…. instead she made it a surprising focal point.


MHZ Interior Design via brabourne farm

Long on art and short on walls?  This kitchen has taken take full advantage of it’s height and gone floor to ceiling with framed pieces.  You can easily forget that the functional purpose of this room is to prepare food instead of to admire the artwork!

{Photos via 1. Nest Egg; 2. Southern Accents; 3. Sarah’s Fab Day; 4. ?; 5. Desire to Inspire; 6. Kikette Interiors; 7. Phoebe Howard; 8. Brabourne Farm}


Rebecca@Harmony and Home said...

I love fine art in a kitchen. There is such a juxtaposition in that. Great post!

Sarah said...

I think it's a lovely thing to do! I especially love the example of the gold framed art hanging on the exposed brick wall. It just adds the right pop!

This Photographer's Life said...

what a great Idea! Unfortunately every inch of wall space in my kitchen is covered with cabinets....

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll!

Giovanna said...

i love this post. i'm moving to a new apartment and the kitchen is so boring. we're thinking of putting lots of art prints up. i'm loving that last one with all the black and white photos!

Things That Inspire said...

This is a fantastic post! I recognize the work of artist David Arms in the Rozanne Jackson kitchen.

Putting art in a kitchen is quite a luxury in many ways - it takes a spot that could be used for cabinets or storage - but even the smallest spot can have a painting, like Phoebe's kitchen (this is the kitchen in her 'city apartment' in Atlanta). I sure would be nervous about putting a nail in the side of a cabinet, though!

Anonymous said...

ITS (not "it's") own...

But yes, art in the kitchen is sublime.

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