Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Kitchen fit for an Antiques-Loving-Warehouse-Stylin’ Queen

One of my favorite Kitchens is that by Nashville designer and shop-owner Rozanne Jackson, originally featured in Southern Accents a few years ago.  Her mix of modern, traditional, and industrial  makes it an inviting and edgy space… it’s a feast for the eyes!

Rozanne Jackson Kitchen 1

Clean, open and interesting are the first thoughts that come to my mind. I love how streamlined the Kitchen is without being JUST modern.  The antique wood island and classic materials like wrought iron, marble, and china make this appeal to people with more traditional taste as well.  Appeal may be too subtle a word!  Adding to the design mix, the restaurant style range and hood and other stainless appliances give this an industrial tone.  It really feels as though the Kitchen was placed in the corner of a great old warehouse building. 

To me, this is the perfect mix of styles.  The texture and interest of the antique and reclaimed pieces of different eras; the airy and not at all fussy quality of the room; it’s usability… Everything’s right where you need it and not hidden away!  I love the stacks of dishes on the island shelf…so convenient and they look beautiful too.

Rozanne Jackson Kitchen 2

The huge windows allow for incredible natural light, and the contrast of the dark steel frame windows enhance the warehousey feel.  This long island must be great for parties, since everyone has room to gather round!

Rozanne Jackson Kitchen 3

Usually cabinets are the big star of the Kitchen- not this time!  In fact, there aren’t even upper cabinets (another great lofty feature).  Those that are here provide more of a backdrop to the other wonderful pieces in the Kitchen and the Butler’s Pantry.  Their simple clean lines and neutral blue-gray color keeps them modern but doesn’t scream at you.  I love that and can’t really picture any other cabinets looking so good.  The Butler’s Pantry has a few more contemporary touches- the stainless steel countertop (it looks like it has a built in sink- such a beautiful custom detail!), and blue subway tiles (glass perhaps?).  It’s refreshing, and blends so well with the more decorative accessories sitting atop the counter. 

One of the major elements that’s hard to miss in this house is the artwork.  Yes, artwork in the Kitchen- do it, do it, do it!  How unexpected are these pieces of fine art?  They show a little more of the homeowner’s personality and bring in little touches of color.  When you spend so much time in your kitchen, isn't it silly that we’ve left so little room for art in the past?  If storage space allows, I’d much rather look at a painting or photograph than an upper cabinet, wouldn’t you?

A couple of years after first seeing it, I still love this space!  The combination of the materials, textures and styles is just so perfectly balanced.  It has so many of the features and functions that people want now, and will still be in style years from now.  I think I’ll be loving it just the same then too!

{Photos via Southern Accents}


Fabulously french said...

I love the kitchen, it is gorgeous.

Bon weekend,

Leeann x

Michelle said...

That first space has those amazing black metal windows that I love...

Oliveaux said...

I adore this kitchen and those gorgeous big windows. Beautiful...Ax

Olga Granda-Scott said...

LOVE the never ending farm table.

Hill Country House Girl said...

Just stumbled across this post. I love this kitchen and could not agree more about art in the kitchen!! I already had that feature on my wish list for my next house, but you confirmed it with such a great photograph. Thank you!

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