Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No more excuses… it’s time to get organized!

Being in the midst of transitioning to working strictly from home has forced me to face something very important: I can’t procrastinate on organizing my home office anymore!!!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed always having an excuse to push this necessary but dreaded task to the back burner, I really did.  I’ve managed to push the task off just a little while longer by scouring my inspiration files for images of great workspaces…


Do you also have a weakness for matching office accessories?  They may everything look so uncluttered, don’t they?


sarahs fab day bookshelves 

I can’t wait to have a place for everything, well labeled and totally organized!


myra hoefer design study 

Look how happy these gals are in their  tidy and chic office space! 


               mrs. blandings study

A  little less structured is probably more my true working style.  Hopefully my current bomb of an office can get to this point soon! 

Now it’s time to get to work!

{Images via Martha Stewart, Sarah’s Fab Day, Myra Hoefer Design, & Mrs. Blandings}


Haven and Home said...

Love these images. I am in the process of filing this weekend and this is what I needed!

Pretty Neat Designs said...

I just found your blog via dear lillie - and I'm so glad I did! Love the images in this post. It makes me want to take out a second mortgage so I can buy out the container store and just have walls of matching boxes. So inspiring!

Willow Decor said...

Hi Alice! Great pictures. I so wish I could be one of those organized people. Besides how much more effiecient I would be, I would LOVE to work in such a beautiful space.

Canon digital cameras said...

Don’t you just love these pictures posted? It looks so relaxing seeing/looking things so organize.

curtain fabrics said...

it looks divine, it feels like heaven to look at pace so well organize.

Fifi Flowers said...

My office/studio is finally clean... but within a day I fear I could change... how does that happen sooooo fast!

vicki archer said...

Good luck with the tidy up...hope the office is up and running now. Have a happy weekend. xv

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