Tuesday, May 12, 2009


silver- converse       

Ever since Vicki mentioned metallic Converse, I’ve been seeing silver.

I usually consider it a color for wintertime, to match the ice and snow of the season.   It must be the 100+ degree weather that's kicked in recently that’s making silver so cool and refreshing and suddenly perfect for warm weather… 

These finds definitely say summer, don’t you think?

silver- jcrew capri sandal

Silver flips… this must be the easiest way to add some chic to ANY outfit!


silver- fools gold marc jacobs 

This isn’t really silver… the color is “Fools Gold.”   But it’s a beautiful shade and matches everything just the same… plus it’s large enough to fit a beach towel, a good book ,a massive bottle of water and sunscreen… all the summer essentials!


silver- vivre sterling silver eva flower cuff



silvelr- michael kors silver watch

Useful.  And pretty.

silver- casamidy lantern   

Lanterns are a definite necessity for dining al fresco!  Love how they get a modern makeover in shiny chrome.


silver- casamidy headboard 

Are words even necessary for this Mexican tooled tin headboard?  W.O.W.  Simple white sheets would look so amazing against this beauty.

silver- harmony and home drexel heritage furniture parisian tea cart

This Parisian Tea Cart side table gets an A+, year round.  Shelves, wheels, pretty silver finish… high achiever in form and function! 

silver- west elm metal hammered tray and medina stand  silver- morroccan ottoman from laviva-home website

Did somebody say Indian Summer?  I’m picturing both this eastern-inspired table and ottoman looking perfect on a patio with some mesquito netting and a cool breeze… 


silver- shells on silver stands  silver- wisteria ethiopian german silver coptic cross

Usually when I’m feeling the urge to indulge in a color or idea, I tend to do it on an “accessories size scale”…. it’s much easier to change out later without completely redoing a space or spending too much.


MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA           silver- market impot el nido mirror

My interest in tooled metal has officially become an all out obsession.  They are truly works of art and epitomize “craftsmanship.”


silver- pb galvanized metal key cabinet

On a less glitzy scale, galvanized metal will always suggest a relaxed country lifestyle. 


silver- simply natural silver bucket organizer   

Organizing and accessorizing with one design detail.  Isn’t this desk organizer so cute and inspiring?


silver- flickr mayalu silver grass bucketssilver- flickr deja benir designs silver vase

Inexpensive and multi-functional, look at all these wonderful uses for silver buckets…


silver- pottery barn galvanized planter

Perhaps the best use of them is for your summertime barbeques and get-togethers with friends and family.  We’ve all got to stay hydrated and we might as well serve in style!

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LindsB said...

I love silver all year round- what a great collection of everything silver! I LOVE that teacart- I wish I had space for one its so pretty

Barb said...

I think silver is perfect any time of the year. I even like silver in hair( yes,I have a lot of silver creeping in).

Have a great week.


Sarah Danielle: Jeune Marie said...

That tin headboard is divine!! How great would that be in a coastal hacienda! Pass me a margarita and let's hit the beach!

Velvet and Linen said...

Silver adds a little shimmer to a home and an outfit.
Last year I splurged on a silver Chanel purse.
It completes every outfit.


Maria Killam said...

Love that bag, what a great collection of silver you've shown. oh, and the shells on the mantle, very chic!

www.designfabulous.com said...

such a pretty post. I love silver. you are right i does go with anything! Love the purse!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

That headboard is amazing. Where did you find it? I would love to buy it.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the galvonized desk organizer, but cannot open the link to where it came from. Where is it from??

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