Thursday, April 16, 2009

Inspiring Work Environments

Thursday is my day in the week to catch up on life.  I don’t go to the office; I don’t do “work”; but I’m always busy at home.  Household chores, paperwork that needs to be addressed, errands I’ve put off from earlier in the week…those things that my imaginary housekeeper just keeps falling behind on!

On days like today when it’s beautiful, sunny, and calm outside it’s really hard to stay focused, as glamorous as all those tasks are!  I’m sure I could do a much better job from one of these spots….

Restoring a Home in Italy0003  

Lounging in this daybed would be so lovely, especially since imaginary housekeeper has also brought out fresh fruit and pastries so that I can work straight through lunch.  She’s such a doll when she’s on top of it.


scan 10010

This is a perfect office- it’s got everything one could need.  Chairs, table, coffee… it just needs a dedicated and hard worker sitting in one of those chairs!


Provencal Escapes 10005-a

Now this might be the best work environment I’ve ever seen.  It’s very ergonomical-  adjustable seating, spacious enough to get up and stretch one’s legs between long periods of indulgent blogging productivity,  and fabulous air quality… It’s even got oversized lamps encouraging one to lounge work late into the evening.

I think we’d all be more than nine-to-fivers in these conditions!


The Antiques Diva™ said...

My day for "life laundry" is Monday, when the house is quiet again after a weekend full of hustle and bustle. I putter around the house putting things back in order, fluffing the pillows, changing the flower's water and more often than not, fall into day dreaming about other days!

Millie said...

My Friday's are your Thursday's Alice & like you, I'm not happy with our Housekeeper, she's very behind in her work! Love your last image, just the perfect place to do to our most important work!
Millie ^_^

High-Heeled Foot in the door said...

What amazing work spaces. I would be working non-stop from am to pm and by working I mean reading my favorite books, magazines and blogs.

Have a good weekend!

vicki archer said...

Tell your 'imaginary housekeeper' to prepare for my visit - I would work day and night in these surroundings! Lovely post, xv.

Velvet and Linen said...

Have a great weekend, Alice.
I'll picture you lounging in one of these beautiful places!



Michelle said...

Wonderful will my laptop work there, so I can keep blogging?


Catherine@Simply Natural said...

I wouldn't mind having any one of these as my office either! Lovely.

Topsy Turvy said...

Such beautiful choices! I think we must have the same imaginary housekeeper - might just doesn't keep up!


Anonymous said...


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