Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Zaccheus Mead

One last stop before mentally leaving Connecticut...

The Zaccheus Mead estate in Greenwich. Its more than handsome, its also available!

The home was built in 1958 and remodeled in 2000, but who would guess it's anything but authentic colonial with its fieldstone exterior and natural shingle roof. The 5,864 sq foot house sits on 2 acres and is listed at $7.2 million. This being Greenwich, its actually not at the top of the price range!

Don't you just love the glass paned Front Door? The home's classical proportions & style and the boxwood urns remind me of John Saladino...

The backside of the house looks to be finished in clapboard.

The fieldstone bordered heated pool is so serene!

*Take a deep breath before the next picture. It may leave you speechless.*

The shining, or actually the reclaimed star of this house is the three story Great Room. Isn't the ceiling amazing?!? Its crafted of 1820's barnwood from New Hampshire. The center table piled with books and blooms is spectacular sitting beneath the turned-wood style chandelier. I love the unexpected addition of the zebra rug, pillow and ottoman... maybe the owners went to Dovecote!!!

Another shot of the Great Room. Its easy to picture candlelit dinners spent around this table! The cream sofas and light diamond pattern rugs keep the room bright and fresh. Another cozy seating area is in the alcove, surrounded by floor to ceiling taupe checked curtains.

A photo of one of the 5 bedrooms, this one showcasing a wonderful wall covering. These owners certainly have good taste. I do wish that the listing included a photo of the Kitchen or one of the 6.5 Baths! But maybe that's the marketing ploy-who wouldn't want to see the rest of the home after this little tease!

We'll head out the side door and take in some more of the view.

Driving away will be hard, especially with a pretty drive like this...


Robert Robillard said...

WOW - what great lines. I love the details of the building and even the front walk circular granite step.

Wish I could afford that!

Savvy Mode SG said...

what a house. in so cal 7 million will not get us this at all. i have seen homes about .5 acre with about 6000 sq foot too for 7 to 10 million.

Anonymous said...

Available? I'll take it! When can I move in?

Seriously, this is a STUNNING property! I think the reclaimed wood in the main hall is my favourite feature, but like you say, we don't get to see the kitchens and bathrooms...but I'll bet they're to die for!

And I love the long drive with all the trees too. How beautiful it would be in spring when they were all flowering!

Thanks so much alice for stopping by and for your kind comments on my blog. hope to see more of you in the future, and I'll be sure to stop in here as well!

Anne @ The City Sage

Courtney said...

Wow. This house in absolutely stunning. I adore the view of the backside of the house, and I love the great room- the reclaimed barnwood is beautiful!

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