Friday, January 9, 2009

Weekend Projects

Finish the skirt on my sofa's slipcover. Luckily, when I started the project of making my own tailored slipcover I had no idea how time intensive it would actually be... Rachel makes it look so easy! Sometimes its better to be naive!

Have the the Anquilla Lantern hung in my Kitchen (above far left).
It will be a huge change from whats currently there...ahh lantern love!

Un-bury the burlap that has been waiting patiently to be made into a tablecloth that will sit
underneath the Kitchen-Transforming-Lantern.


Purchase everything above. Ha... I kid.
Though it would certainly be easier and definitely much more fun that what I really have to do...

Transform my closet into a well groomed machine, with things in their proper places, a polish on my shoes & handbags, and hopefully a lot less frustration on rushed mornings!

Tackle the never ending job of office organization.

With each shelter magazine that is going under (see the latest news at Cote de Texas) there will be less to look through, scan, and file in the future... though that doesn't shrink the pile sitting there now!

Oh by the way, did I mention that my over-achieving mind is planning all of this for THIS weekend?

I better get going, especially if I'm hoping to see this as well!

1 comment:

Things That Inspire said...

Very ambitious plans for the weekend. The lantern is going to look amazing!

I had plans to see Benjamin Button over the holidays, but it never happened. Let us know how it is!

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