Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm not a pink person. My black, black and white closet can immediately tell you that.

But with spring collections coming out I'm finding myself draw to all things pink...

This is one of the oh, three, shirts on the wish list from J. Crew . All in their new shade of "blush" of course.

Suddenly a pair of pink pearls seems appropriate for every outfit... Seriously, where this new-found love of pink is coming from I do not know...

Daily activities would seem that much more exciting when planned in fuchsia.

It's the planner or the Blackberry , but certainly not both. It's one thing to introduce pink, it's another to become an overnight Pink Princess!

Photo: ????
A tablescape with an accent of pink is a good way to ease it into the color scheme.

Photo: yours truly

Isn't this old Italian plaster beautiful? I love how it once was red and has faded to all sorts of mottled shades. You really can't faux this, no matter what anyone claims!

Photo: Cozy Atmospheres Interiors by Jessica Lawson

My favorite bathrooms are ones with furniture incorporated.
And full length curtains.
And a large antique mirror.
And vintage glass containers.
Short list isn't it?
Well anyway, the pink in this bathroom sets off those beautiful features perfectly. You wouldn't notice them as much if the walls were white. Plus this pink has a bit of peach in it which tones down the sweetness.

Photo via Eddie Ross
I went gaga over this lacquered medicine cabinet from Eddie Ross. The ballet pink background transforms it from utilitarian to special, and the contents look 100x better too!

For those not be ready to crack open a can of paint and pink-ify a bathroom entirely, this pretty pink glass would be wonderful for holding make up brushes.

Photo via House Beautiful
A New Orleans interior long on drama and unashamedly pink silk curtains.

Photo via House Beautiful
I could handle this camellia colored exterior no problem.
Not to mention the fact that it's a beautiful New Orleans home with fabulous french doors, working full length blue -gray shutters, a wrap around veranda and is no doubt over-looking a lush courtyard. Yes, I think I could handle it!


The Accessory Lady said...

That shade of pink on the J.Crew top is gorgeous. Great items!

Cote de Texas said...

==love this - love that bathroom and house! very pretty.

thanks for your comment tonight = much appreciated!

niartist said...

Beautiful, very beautiful! Great blog. That green tin vessel the pink and salmon roses are in is divine, oo, as is that New Orleans home with the shutters. Such a compliment! Off to read more!

Anonymous said...


susan brown said...

How could you not like pink -- your Grandfather's house was pale pink!!!!

Love, Mama

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