Monday, February 7, 2011


It’s time for me to take over one of the “last resort” storage spaces in my house… under the beds!  I can hardly believe that when we first moved into our house I thought there were so many closets that I could never fill them… who was I kidding?!?  The funny part is that this is not a house with enormous walk in closets or anything remotely close to that!  You just never think you have as much stuff as you do.  Thinning out our closets and donating forgotten and unused thing has certainly helped, but I do not like clutter and do not like a jam packed closet that you need to “muscle” a hanger into!  So back to the point, I’m going to raise the bed in my bedroom, as well as the twin bed in my son’s room on risers and gain an extra precious 5—7” where we can put under the bed storage tubs full of things we don’t use regularly, but aren’t ready to get rid of. 

Once the beds are raised, our current bedskirts will need to be replaced.  Cropped bedskirts just don’t look as cute as cropped jeans!  I am going to stick with a ready made extra-long bedskirt for both, since it’s and easy, quick, and very affordable fix.

This storage obstacle has turned into a design opportunity… do I go with flat, pleated skirt or ruffled skirt in my room??? 


cdt post carol glasser house bedroom

My current skirt is flat and pleated, and it is probably my first inclination to go with another one… but this is a chance for change!  On the other hand, I love how simple and pure the look in this room is.  That bed looks perfectly cloudlike and inviting!

elle decor  bedroom by courtnay daniels hayden

Clean, tailored, and not an ounce of fuss… very refreshing!

cdt suzanne kasler showhouse bedroom

Suzanne Kasler introduces texture to her smooth bedskirt… it also has a contrasting trim around the edges which is a nice way to jazz things up.  I had considered adding a border to my existing skirt to lengthen it, but that’s just a little bolder than what I want… and a 5” border will look a lot clunkier than the elegant 1” one SK uses!

 mrs howard personal shopper white bed

This is a very pretty room by Phoebe Howard and the grid of framed artwork and the simple white linens also make it very architectural.

new orleans bedrm house beaut

Taffeta really accentuates the pleats and this touch of color is very pretty.



simply seleta gray bedroom

Oooh la la! I love how sophisticated this ruffled silk skirt is!  The silvery blue color and black accents keep it from feeling too feminine.

cdt Barbara Westbrook bedroom with tapestry pillows

Ruffles and linen add so much interest to this room. 

cdt bedroom linen lantern seagrass and shutters

Another primarily white room with a linen skirt…

surroundings blog white bedding with iron canopy bed

Since I’m going with ready made it’s a lot easier to find a white or off-white cotton skirt than a linen or burlap one, but this all white ensemble looks pretty good with the ivory ruffled skirt!

house beautiful- sara scaglione bedroom

I love how this bedskirt coordinates with the off white taffeta drapery panels.  I’m finding quite a few images that have great ideas in them…. unfortunately I’m not anywhere closer to making a decision!

If I was looking into custom bedskirts, I’d have so many more ideas and options to choose from and a MUCH harder decision!

my french country home- chalet bedroom with scalloped skirt 2

I could go with scallops…

cdt bedroom- sofa with scalloped bottom edge

I could have a bedcover that flows from the top of the bed to the ground like Cote de Texas’ Joni Webb… so dramatic! 

linen & lavender blog- bedroom with sheer and solid bedskirt

This skirt is made of a sheer material with a thick border.  Very unusual!

       roussillon 6

If I had a fabric that I loved, using it as a bedskirt would be a wonderful way to further  incorporate it into the room…

suzanne kasler fortune estate master bedroom

Suzanne Kasler did the same thing with this bedskirt.  I love the stripes! 

Hmmm… am I ready to make a decision or do I obsess a little more… maybe a little more obsessing and then a decision!

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L. Collins said...

Great taste!! Gorgeous blog- I love a crisp bed skirt!! xoxo


A Super Dilettante said...

Here in UK, they are called "valance". They are so old-fashioned nowadays. They are not common at all. You used to be able to buy them. They are no longer easily available even at Marks & Spencer. The same applied to the bolster covers! But we can still buy valance at Laura Ashley! A great blog! I love it!

Dehlia said...

I love the pics since I really like white rooms. I'm also very fond of Scandianvian design and at the moment I'm planning to buy a door sign from a danish company. You can see them at Aren't they quite amazing?

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