Wednesday, June 16, 2010

One Picture = My Style

       cdt fabulous flea master bedroom

From the Right Bank is hosting another “My Style In a Picture” series, where bloggers choose just ONE picture to illustrate their style… oy vey.  But I do love this challenge because 1. it’s fun and 2. it makes you think critically about your style preferences…  

My picture is the master bedroom of Mary Daly who owns The Fabulous Flea in Houston … I first saw it on Cote de Texas’s totally beautiful spread on The Fabulous Flea here and I featured it in my Linen Bedrooms post here… still love it just as much as I did the first time I saw it!

Mix of antique and modern, tattered and tailored, rough and glitzy… I love a look that mixes all of these and isn’t easy to define or pigeon hole into just one style. 

Neutral color scheme + lots of texture.  Crisp, clear off white walls, linen, velvet, seagrass, glass, and a tapestry… add some silk curtains at the window and it’s perfection in my book, or better yet, in my house.

Glass topped linen side tables… one of the staples in my own house because I love the look but more importantly because they’re an easy and inexpensive solution to side tables… I have several retro looking dressers from a awful past  design lifetime that are great for storage, but horrible for the eye… a little linen, a topping of glass and voila, classy side table that’s even useful too!

Personal details like picture frames, books, and flowers…  there’s nothing worse than not being able to learn anything about the person when you’re in a room, especially their bedroom!

Clean lined and oh-so-plush looking bed.  Really into the single long throw pillow .. achieves a great look and simplifies bed making!

Chandelier! I could put one in every room, and think they’re especially fab in bedrooms!

Any room that has these characteristics would suit me perfectly! 

What is your style? 

Can you define it in one picture?

Please share!

And see other blogger’s style pictures here!

{Photo via Cote de Texas}



Hi, Alice! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge! The point is exactly what you said - to make you really think about your likes and preferences. I like all the things you pointed out as well as that green velvet bench at the foot of the bed. A great touch. Thanks again!

A Perfect Gray said...

Alice! I have this image saved, too! I love all the neutrals and that tapestry is awesome. But I think my favorite thing is the slipcovered nightstands....I want to do that!

Loved seeing 'you' in one photo!

Kim@Chattafabulous said...

This room is everything a bedroom should be! Comfortable, restful and gorgeous! Lovely room for a girl with lovely style!

Cara said...

what a pretty, pretty, room choice!
<3 Cara

Aimee@ the Functional Space said...

Very calm and inviting. I love your choice!

Greet said...

I love the bedroom too!!! Oh yes sometimes I see a picture and think : this is it, that's my style!
I might think that we have the same style!

Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

what a great style! the room is so chic. my style? Paris Flea Market.
love your blog!


Erica @ Decorica said...

That is a truly beautiful and chic room. It has design elements that I love in a bedroom; upholstered headboard, 2 side tables, a bench, and the long kidney pillow.

This Photographers Life (Architecture+Interiors) said...

What a great style! LOVE IT! Ally has the best ideas! I would love it if you would stop by and enter my contest. You just have to take a cool picture of your favorite place in your hause and you could win $1200 worth of pearl necklaces. You did such a great job with this, I know you could knock it out of the park.


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