Friday, April 16, 2010

Linen Bedroom Love

While my heart does flutter at the sight of an all white bedroom, especially fluffy white bedding… I am really drawn to the natural linen color and texture dominating these rooms!  There’s something casual and laid back about them which is so appealing.


elle decor darryl carter townhouse 

In this room by the expert of neutrals, Darryl Carter, the artifacts and furnishings are truly put on display.  The bedding is very sophisticated.  In fact, change the bed for a sofa and you’d have a very tailored living room! 


brook gianetti channel islands bedroom

Isn’t the wood artifact hanging above Brooke Giannetti’s master bed to die for, or better yet, to dream for!!!  The piped lampshade on the side table is a charming little detail.  When you have a fabulous artifact, the rest of the room can be very subtle.




I love the mix of refined and rustic in these bedrooms...


cdt bedroom linen lantern seagrass and shutters  



A little pattern sure kicks things up a notch…

 bedroom with arch via decorology

You can't go wrong with tone on tone, especially with some embroidery….

suzanne kasler fortune estate master bedroom 

I love how Suzanne Kasler has used neutral stripes in a very limited way that still creates so much interest… love the horizontal direction of the strips- so unexpected!


madeline stuart bedroom

Madeline Stuart introduces some gorgeously saturated accent colors that add a real richness to this linen colored background.  


dress design and decor euro isnprired bedroom 2 dress design and decor euro isnprired bedroom 1

So soft and plush looking… love the taupe linen color mixed with Swedish gray blue and gold.


veranda stacy hyde's home master bedroom 

Stacy Hyde shows one great fabric is all your really need!  How easy to change out the colorful accessories in this bedroom when you’re ready for a change… my kind of room!



I love the idea of a darker cover like these since my dog’s favorite place in the world is on the bed (translation= dirty paws means lots of washing of white bedcovers!!!).

decorno linen bed


 larkins 10


Veranda Oct 2007- Barbara Wiseley0012

Love this combo of both white and linen bedspreads… the darker color is perfect at the foot of the bed, where my furry one curls up!



 cdt Barbara Westbrook bedroom with tapestry pillows

Linen bedskirts are especially useful when you want to incorporate a rougher textured material into your space… while a burlap-y linen may not make the most luxurious throw pillow to rest your head on, it certainly works for a bed skirt!

cdt lisa luby ryan linen bedroom


Veranda April 2009- Betty Burgess interiors0007

As plain and simple as this bedroom might, be it’s one of my all-time favorites!  The simile linen bedding and backdrop ooze peace and serenity… and really show off that pretty white scalloped duvet and gorgeous chandelier!  And yes, I’d have to say the herringbone wood floors aren’t too bad either!!!

cdt fabulous flea master bedroom

There are so many elements in this room that I adore and that are so wonderful to incorporate into ANY interior, bedroom or not!  Linen table skirts like these are one of my go-to solutions… they transform plain-jane dressers or table forms into elegant pieces of furniture instantly.  Not to mention their clutter hiding capability!




Sheer linen is another wonderful way to use this fabric, as this bed skirt shows!  Love the tabbed headboard linen too…


cdt cynthia davis of indulge sheer panels     

Cynthia Davis of Indulge Decor used sheer panels with romantic tab ties in her master bedroom.  The casualness of the panels is a perfect balance for her fabulously shaped upholstered headboard.

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Renae said...

Alice.....I am DROOLING! I LOVE linen and am working on my own bedroom. Thanks for the reminder of the burlap for the bedskirt. I don't like bedskirts as a rule, but that I could do. I'm bookmarking this post. So good!

The-Countrypolitan said...

Alice, you have a beautiful blog site... so glad I found it, and I am going to add you to my blog roll so that I can follow your blogs! Terri

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