Saturday, March 27, 2010

Weekend Getaway: Palladian Villa in Geyserville

When you can’t really take a vacation, the next best thing is a virtual vacation.  Especially since budget, timing, and every other mundane detail of real life can be tossed aside!

Today, we’re visiting a Palladian Villa in the wine country of Geyserville, California.  If you were really there, you might not even make it to the wineries because the house is so spectacular.

 Heraldsburg Palladian villa exterior front

A clean and tailored entryway gives an idea of what's to come on the inside.  The symmetrically placed lanterns and potted topiaries are beautiful and  so Palladio inspired.


  Heraldsburg Palladian villa exterior front 2

The facade of the home and the landscaping are so refreshingly understated… it seems there’s no need to be ostentatious when you’re in the wine country.


 Heraldsburg Palladian villa exterior pool

I know where I’d be spending my time at the villa!  The balanced placement of the French doors along the home, the long and tranquil pool… truly stylish.


Heraldsburg Palladian villa living room

There’s nothing over the top about this Living Room, in fact some may even call is sparse.  It makes me wonder if perhaps Axel Vervoordt or another great Belgian designer has stopped by!

I love that the dark concrete floors bring an industrial chic-ness to an otherwise formal space.  The more traditional antiques are kept from getting fussy with the oversized lamps, casually scattered baskets and wood fragments, and the graphic zebra rug.  I might add a gauzy linen roman window treatment to frame the windows and soften the space just a tad bit, but nothing I wouldn’t take a weekend at this home over!


  Heraldsburg Palladian villa kitchen  

Mmm… fresh watermelon and clean Carrera countertops!?!  I’m in heaven.  They don’t show much of the Kitchen but there’s really no need in my opinion.  The grayish taupe cabinets, reclaimed beam, and patina’d lantern tell me enough!


Heraldsburg Palladian villa great room 

On the other side of the Kitchen is the Dining Room and Family Room.  I can’t get over the beauty of these doors and windows.  Another fireplace makes the dining room extra cozy… the long table is the perfect accessory to a gourmet and fine wine filled dinner! It reminds me of the great table in the movie house of the year, It’s Complicated.

it's complicated- kitchen 2


Heraldsburg Palladian villa powder room

Back to the Palladian Villa, there’s no disappointment with the Powder Bath.  Nothing says classic architecture like a massive piece of carved stone, does it!   The lion’s head faucet definitely adds some personality.  The rooms in this house have all been very monochrome, but the soft lighting has really added  warmth in each space, even here.  To keep things from getting to hard lined and cold in here, I’m picturing the other walls to have either a more ornate mirror or a fabulous oil painting.  And some lush plants in baskets would be great too!


Heraldsburg Palladian villa rotunda

No Palladian Villa is complete without a Rotunda and round skylight.  The architecture of the home is certainly put on display.


Heraldsburg Palladian villa master bedroom

The Master Bedroom.  Nothing over the top, but fresh white linens on a campaign bed (even the bed is architectural!) and a sunny view are just enough.  I like the casual way that the paintings have been propped on the side tables.   Scattered area rugs have been a consistent decoration throughout the home.


 Heraldsburg Palladian villa masater bathroom

The Master Bathroom… no fuss and all view!  Can you imagine the ambiance at night with that pretty sconce lit and a bubbly bath?  Hmm… this is bringing to mind the bathroom scene in It’s Complicated!  One detail I would certainly add is a window treatment- not even for the privacy but just to soften the space.  I’m picturing a white linen roman shade just brushing past the top of the French doors.   I’ll have to remember to pack that in my carry on if I ever really make it to this house!  Love the oversized basket for towels…


Heraldsburg Palladian villa bedroom

One of the five other guest bedrooms.  Fluffy white linens are truly a foolproof way to make a luxurious room!  The combination of lighting makes it very soothing.  I love the seagrass rug and the pattern on the lampshade…. just a little texture and pattern is all it takes.  Have you noticed that the simplified backdrops and finishes really make the wood furnishings stand apart?  For as clean and sharp as the architectural lines are, the wood furniture is anything but… adds a lot of wine country charm!


Heraldsburg Palladian villa pool

One last look at the pool and the spectacular view… are we in Italy or California?!? 

To visit this house for real, visit this site.  Enjoy your weekend!


A Perfect Gray said...

so beautifuly calming and spare..loved it...

Jen of Made By Girl said...

STUNNING home...going to visit the site now, thanks! :))

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