Monday, March 29, 2010

Fleur D’Oranger




The orange blossoms are blooming on my orange trees right now and the scent is overwhelmingly amazing! I feel as though I can’t take deep enough breaths to capture it!  My neighbors might think I’m hyperventilating every time I walk outside, but it’s completely purposeful!

The blossoms are very short lived, so I’ll supplement with some home products to crutch me along until the next blooming season.  None of these match the delicacy of the real thing of course, but they certainly are enjoyable.   

A few that I’ve tried in the past (and not all at once!!!)…

 antica farmastica orange blossom

Antica Farmastica’s oil diffuser is deliciously scented! It’s mixed with a few other fragrances like lilac, jasmine, mandarin and lemon to keep it from being too sweet or citrusy.  I love that this diffuser can perfume the air so well in my entire house and never get too overwhelming.


 l'occitane fleur d'oranged candlel'occitane fleur d'oranger home perfume l'occitane pump

L’Occitane makes many Fleur D’Oranger products-  I especially like  their tinned candle and home fragrance sprays.  The spray is great for a bathroom room freshener and comes in a pretty bottle with an ultra-chic pump… how fun!


 savon de marseille soap

Wearing Orange Blossom as a body fragrance is just a bit too much for me personally, though I love it as hand soap.  Savon de Marseille makes a great one, and it comes in this cool iconic bottle… I love it for the bottle almost as much as the soap! 

Trader Joes also carries a delightfully scented and even more delightfully priced hand soap that’s named for the Francophile, “Trader Jacques French Liquid Orange Blossom Honey Hand and Body Soap.”  For a few dollars it’s a great product to purchase to test out the scent.

For those who do love Fleur D’Oranger as a body fragrance there are many brands and price points available, and plenty of online reviews and rankings… one I’m definitely going to check out when I’m in New Orleans this summer is Bourbon French's Orange Blossom

Any recommendations??? Please share!


Trish said...

Hi Alice...thanks for reminding me how much I love orange blossom. I love the idea of the hand soap...great for post gardening. Merci. Trish

Fifi Flowers said...

OOoo the smell of orange blossoms is DIVINE!!!

Marija said...

I have to say I really adore Savon de Marseille. Now I have a new scent to try! Marija

The-Countrypolitan said...

One of the things I miss most about living in California is driving past the orange groves when the blossoms are in bloom... utterly intoxicating!

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