Monday, December 28, 2009

White on White Bedrooms

There’s something so calming, clean and fresh about white bedrooms.  While the first reaction of some people may be that white is lacking in color/excitement/interest, I think these rooms absolutely prove otherwise.  There are so many ways to enhance a white room without saturating it with another color.

brabourne farm white bedroom with canopy

I adore this pretty bedroom with it’s canopy curtains and elegant headboard.  The ceiling height shelves running up the back wall heighten this room and frame the bed further.  The room may not be that wide given the camera shot of this photo, but how can one say this room isn’t grand?



If fabric is creating the interest in your white room, invest in a fabric that is worthy and hire the right person to do the work.  Notice the layering going on this room- underneath the canopy and curtains is an upholstered headboard and at the foot of the bed is a curvy bench.  The contrast of color and curviness of this bench definitely becomes a focal point.


blueprint bliss whtie bedroom 2

Varying shades of white can create a very soothing palette.  This pink tinted white fabric softens this bedding and the gathering of the ceiling canopy is a pretty feminine detail.  The scalloped canopy edge is a great detail.  This bed has exceptional tailoring- who could say it was was lacking in thought!?!


emily j followill photography white bedroom

Curtains don’t always have to be heavy- these gauzy sheer ones give an ethereal feeling to this bedroom.  The masculine bed frame and dark desk contrast this airiness so well.  I love the icy silver/blue undertones in the white paint and bedding.


surroundings blog white bedding with iron canopy bed

When a bed’s frame is left exposed it can become THE focal point in the room.  Campaign beds are excellent for this.  The linens actually becomes secondary to the lines of this iron bed.  And if you wanted to change the look you can easily dress it in panels a la Mimmi O’Connell:

cdt mimmi o'connell campaign bed


Veranda Jan Feb 2009 - Donna Temple Brown Pam Pierce0006

Contrast can be very subtle such as this beautiful floral arrangement and tapestry pillow.  I think the footstool next to the high bed is so cute.


Traditional Home Holiday 2007- Joan Colangelo interior0009

This is one of my favorite bedrooms.  The painted screen backdrop is gorgeous behind the crisp & fluffy white pillows.  Love the bleached herringbone floor too! 



Instead of one statement art piece, white can be a wonderful backdrop to a collection of smaller wall hangings.

 The White Home 10004


bhg creamy bedroom

This room itself is rather plain (at least what we can see of it) but the cheetah print carpet definitely livens things up.  I think the great shape of this headboard is emphasized even more because of it’s cream upholstery.


bobby mcalpine house beautiful nov 2002 bedroom

Another favorite room, I love the subtleties and layers Bobby McAlpine has created in this room.  The half-height screen behind the bed is a great way to float a bed in the middle of the room and still keep it grounded.  The nail head trim on the headboard and the tone on tone white linens add just the right amount of pattern.



If I had a fireplace like this in my bedroom I probably wouldn't care if I had tarps for bed linens!  Slight exaggeration, but still this is a beautiful fireplace!


 vicente wolf 1

Vicente Wolf knows how to design one heavenly looking bed, doesn’t he?  The white doors add so much to this space- can you imagine how different they would look without their molding?  Another very cool detail in this room is the floating shelves in front of the window. 


Thomas O Brien

The doors in this room are what make it as well.  While reflecting mirrors towards a bed can be a little Vegas-y, these are done in antique mirror to diffuse the reflectivity and add lots of character. 


chez vous voltaire bedroom 2 angle b1 copy

Lighting fixtures can also become a wonderful focal point in a white room.  These French wall lanterns are such beauties.


  Decorno Stacey Bowers Bedroom 2

    Shiny crystal always looks good and adds some glamour.


   Decorno Stacey Bowers Bedroom

Another favorite bedroom, this headboard and Italian chandelier are stunning accents to an otherwise neutral room.



Clearly, white rooms are anything but dull!

To spice up a white room without color:

-Fabrics as canopies or bed draperies can create instant architectural interest

-Focus on the rooms architectural details such as a fireplace mantle, wall molding, or windows and doors

-Use a furniture piece that contrasts the white and becomes even more of a statement

-Let the artwork/wall hangings become the focus without competing with the artwork

-Accent with a fantastic and subtle pattern, i.e. an area rug or an antique tapestry pillow

-Accent with a statement lighting fixture


Greet said...

Thank you so much for these wonderful white peaceful bedrooms! I love them all!

Sarah said...

Beautiful, serene rooms! Makes me want to re-paint my master.

Heidi said...

I love all of your white bedrooms. Happy New Year! Heidi

Haven and Home said...

Wow what a great collection of images!!!!

Kristin said...

I wish my little dude didn't make white impossible, because I would surround myself with it if I could!


As someone who has (well, had) an all white bedroom, I LOVE this post! Such gorgeous eye candy. Happy new year, Alice!

VICTORIA said...

Such fabulous bedrooms! I love every single one!Each bedroom is to-die-for serenity!They are all stunning, restful rooms with personality, but not overdone.They are fresh, modern and worldly. Certainly inspirational.Thanks For sharing.

natural mattress said...

Beautiful bed, I have an affinity for nature-inspired pieces, and this is stunning. Your blog is inspiring and elegant, I have subscribed and I adore it!!!

Foam-By-Mail said...

The very first picture with the padded bench at the foot of the bed reminded me of one of my favorite ways to add a little versatility to a bedroom. You can have a footboard bench and pad it with the body pillow you use at night, since they're so often hard to incorporate into a room when not actually in use!

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