Friday, January 21, 2011

Friday Flowers: Lavender

Winter or summer,  masses of lavender always look beautiful (and smell amazing!)…

british h&g mag- lafourcade- menerbes dried lavendarDried.

arstiden 2Potted.

French Essence Vicki Archer lavender field photo Carla CoulsonWild and undeniably, absolutely amazing!

Vicki Archer lets us in on her summer view in her new book French Essence. That intoxicating color!  Those snow capped mountains! Does it get any more gorgeous than this?!?

Happy Weekend!

{Photos via 1. Bruno & Alexander Lafourcade  via British House & Garden, 2. ????, 3. Carla Coulson via French Essence}


Divine Theatre said...

I agree. I pray the lavender hedges I planted last year will survive this winter!

EFT for Anxiety said...

I just love the smell and lovely look of lavenders. You had a really great garden.

designchic said...

Gorgeous images...I can almost smell the field of lavender!!

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