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NOLA fabulousness: Staying in the Garden District & Perch

new olreans watercolor map via aemcdraw on etsy

I can hardly even describe my love of New Orleans, Louisiana.  It’s a city that is so unlike anywhere else in the country with it’s jubilant culture and breathtaking and unusual beauty.

I just returned from spending two weeks there for my sister’s and new brother-in-laws wedding, which was a wonderful event that brought together lots of family and friends.  New Orleans was the perfect setting for such celebration. 

  DSC_0444  DSC_0446

We stayed in a adorable shotgun house in the Garden District (that my charm-seeking mother found on this rental site).  Some of New Orleanian friends debated whether this house actually was within the boundaries of the Garden District or not, but it suited us perfectly just the same!  It had fantastically orange shutters on full length windows that opened to the street,  12’ ceilings, huge moldings, Louisiana pine floors and brick floors (one of my favorite floors ever!)…. basically it oozed charm from every nook and cranny!  It was so nice to have a house for our entire immediate family to stay in together, and that was big enough to house parties and family gatherings. 

And the icing on the cake for this cutie of a house was that it was only a few blocks from the famed Magazine Street, home to numerous antiquarians and artisans.  If I had to pick one street to shop off of for the rest of my life, Magazine Street would without a doubt be it!

perchfooter valorie_hart blog

One of my first stops was to Caroline Robert’s store Perch., where I have to say I was a little blog-star struck when I met Valorie of The Visual Vamp in person.  It’s easy to forget that there are actual living people behind blogs!  She was so nice and I wish I could have stayed a little longer and bought oh, just about one of everything they had in the store!  I didn’t have my camera with me that afternoon, but I found some of my favorite things on Perch’s website, their blog, and Valorie’s blog…

 perch exterior

The exterior of Perch is a preview of the eye candy to come… I adore the robin’s egg/tiffany blue of their shutters!  I saw this pretty shade many times around the city and it even inspired a DIY project at my youngest sister’s Uptown apartment!


Perch trumeau-with-dutch-scene_f_1_320_0

Painted and Gilded Trumeau with a Dutch scene.  You can see some of the other pieces in the mirror’s reflection…


perch zinc table vignettte

Here’s the trumeau again, isn’t it a striking piece?


perch kids table via visual vamp  visual vamp caroline nursery shelf

My absolute favorite Perch find… the child’s Ghost Chair!  Just when you thought the original (adult size) Ghost Chair can’t get any better, it does.  How completely adorable are these?!?


 Rogue Wave by  John Michael Smith at Perch 

Rogue Wave by John Michael Smith is just one of the modern art pieces at the shop.


Perch aqua-glass-tumbler_f_1_320_0

Aqua glass tumblers with the symbol synonymous with the Crescent City, the fleur de lis.  Even though we’ve all seen these glasses at various stores already, they really are just so pretty and fun. 


Perch Claire chandelier

Perch has some incredibly unique lighting pieces.  I love this metal “Claire”  chandelier and it’s play on tradition.


Perch- Viorel Hodre rice paper lamp

Another unique piece, this one by Viorel Hodre.  I’d say this piece is first and foremost a piece of art, second a lamp. 


perch shop fest7 flowers

A vignette of the shop showing the mix of antique and reclaimed pieces (they have some fantastic doors!) and modern ones.


 perch summer table2

This tablesetting was still up when I was there… it’s hard to see in this picture, but the silverware on the table even has a fleur de lis emblem on it.  You can find more oversized eggs, fleur de lis ceramic tumblers, and coral inspired vases on their website.  Actually, you can find all kinds of goodies on their website, and if you are lucky enough to be in or heading to NOLA anytime soon, I’m sure you’ll enjoy your visit there!

perch summer table top  

{Photos via Perch., the Perch. blog, and The Visual Vamp blog}


Concrete Jungle said...

It all makes me want to go shopping!

Anonymous said...

Hi Alice,
Thank you so much for the beautiful entry on New Orleans & perch. Valorie, Jack & I have so much fun with our business, that it doesn't even seem like "work." I'm so glad you had a great experience in New Orleans. Please visit us again when you come back! Your blog is fabulous.
Caroline Robert

ghost chair said...

I love ghost chairs, but what's hard to find are clear tables. the ghost chairs are seemingly everywhere nowadays!

aemcdraw said...

Ah I am so jealous of your trip antiquing in NoLa. I loved making that watercolor of the map of New Orleans. It brought me right back to all my favorite spots. Decatur Street is my favorite.

You can get a very affordable print of the map you featured at my aemcdraw Etsy Shop.

There is also a 8x10 size available.

Glad you had a good trip.
Take care,

Kifus said...

Ohh wish I could find such a lovely shop around here! The facade is beautiful and I love the trumeau and the door with the wrought iron.

Hope you are having a great weekend!

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