Monday, July 20, 2009




I’ve been out of town enjoying the beautiful island of Maui… why we boarded our connecting flight out of Honolulu  and didn’t become permanent beachies I do not know!  Please excuse the delay in posting as I adjust to post-vacation reality… which is moving at a much faster pace and lacking the hula music I’ve grown accustomed too!


FROM the RIGHT BANK said...

I hear ya! Maui does that to people. :)

vicki archer said...

Why is the coming home always so much more difficult than the going.....might be to do with work I guess! xv.

The Antiques Diva™ said...

I'm going to borrow that phrase, "post vacation reality" -- what a perfect way to summarize those days or weeks between utter bliss and real life. I depart for the Amalfi Coast in mere days and can barely concentrate on the work, work, work to do before leaving!

Huma said...

Oh I was in Hawaii last summer - though the flight time from the UK was a horrendous 24 hours or something!
Anyways - I've been back and forth to your blog page recently and am passing you on a nice little award that is doing the virtual rounds. Come visit my page, cut and paste the award and pass it on to other blogs you love!


avant garde said...

it's always a strange feeling coming back home from wherever really. like you've been on another planet for a while and your home space on earth seems forever changed. but in lots of good ways. vacations are needed parts of living. we intend on going somewhere warm next winter here on cape cod. last winter was brutal. looks like you enjoyed!

Maureen said...

What a great vacation, Alice. It's so hard returning from vacation, especially to the stress of following a schedule. I've enjoyed your blog and the gorgeous pictures of flowers. It's so hot here I think everything has died. Hannah is so lucky to be spending two weeks in the Canary Islands. She said it's absolutely the most amazing and beautiful place ever. And of course, she said it with that dreamy "I'm never coming back..." tone in her voice. I should have her check out your blog when she returns. I think she'd enjoy it.

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