Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Calling Cards

I am on the search for personalized calling cards.

Stationary, calligraphy, and typefaces are a weakness of mine... and things have not gotten any easier since this search began! There are so many wonderful designs out there and to complicate matters you have to decide just what information you want to include on your card, then select your font, then your size, then your color...it’s a recipe for calling card overload!

Traditional calling cards might only have the person’s name shown, usually engraved. These cards were left at social occasions or when you called on someone, hence the “calling card”.

Today it is very practical to add more information to your calling card- your phone and/or cell phone numbers, your e-mail address, even your website. The purpose of its use might dictate its design- as a business card it might be more professional and simplified. As a personal contact card, it might be more fanciful and reflect your personal tastes and personality.

I’ve been paralyzed with this obsessive condition of “calling card overload” for the past few days... so while I procrastinate on making a decision here are a few of my favorite cards available...

Crane's Espresso Engraved Card

Isn't this exquisite? Its so elegant, yet the orange engraving and the swirl motif keep it from being too serious. I would keep a white pencil with me so that I could jot down any extra info. on the card from time to time and it would still show up on the dark background.

Crane's Bar Harbor Blue Card

I love this hydrangea blue background. It has an interesting composition with the contact info at the top instead of the bottom.

Crane's Tangerine Card
Yet another tempting color... Adding a monogram or your initials is an easy way to personalize and dress up your card.

Crane's Kate Spade Hello Card

This has to be the most cheerful card I've seen. Kate Spade does it again!

Crane's Kate Spade Letterpress Assorted Cards

Another of Kate's chic designs. The colors combinations are charming and the font and composition is so refined. The best thing about these cards is that you get an assortment of all the colors shown... and who doesn't like having options!

Crane's Kate Spade Vintage Card

Less is more.

Crane's Fleur De Lis Motif Card

If there's a special symbol or graphic that you love, Crane probably has it. They offer a vast array of motifs, such as this fleur de lis, that give your card instant personality.

Crane's Vertical Ecru White Card

This card has several interesting elements- a monogram, a motif (Crane's "swirl"), colored ink, and a vertical composition. Notice how much information is on this card... you can include as little or as much as you'd like!


For absolutely the most unique and luxurious card, have it custom made by a Calligrapher. This here is one by the wonderful Betsy Dunlap. She also does gorgeous wedding invitations and calligraphy... its worth planning an event just for her invitions alone!

William Arthur Bordered Card

My computer is acting up- the colors on this card are supposed to be a cantaloupe orange not turquoise... check out the actual card at:

Don't you love the square shape? The matching envelope gives you the versatility of using this as a calling card and or an enclosure/gift card.

Stationary Studio's Claret Card

Again, my computer is incorrectly showing this card with a royal blue border, but it actually has a Claret red border and text as the name implies. It is a polished little example of a calling card and the best thing is that it is available for QUICK SHIP in only 5-6 business days.

See the real colors of this card:http://www.thestationerystudio.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=catalog.viewProduct&productID=13557&catID=0

Stationary Studio's Flourish Card

Here is another example of a QUICK SHIP card. This one is available in only 3-4 business days. Someone really is out there looking after all the last-minute procrastinators like me!

Back to the card, its shown with a pink background and text however they have several color options for both. Myself, I would opt for a white background and slate gray text on this card.

As you can see, there's a lot to choose from!

Check out these websites for your own calling cards... All of the images in this post have come from:


Carla said...

HI Alice, you have inspired me to change my card. These are gorgeous and I love the colours. Carla

viera said...

All of them are gorgeous. But still, less is more ,and Kate Spade,s one is my favorite!

alice said...

Carla, you have made more progress than I have... you would think this was a more serious decision! Glad they inspired you.

ArchitectDesign said...

I got personal cards last year since work cards weren't always appropriate. I added only my personal email address -it makes for a very clean, architectural card. I've been thinking lately about getting a seperate 'blogging' card, have you heard of these? I think it may be a bit extreme LOL

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